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Space Saving Furniture Buying Guide

Space Saving Furniture Buying Guide

Well, do we really need to introduce to you the problem of space?! There are so many people in this country that sometimes you feel you are not walking in a crowd, but that you are all walking on top of each other!

Unfortunately, this problem of space spills over from public spaces to private; this means that our homes have to be smartly designed & made to look beautiful in just the amount of space at our disposal.

Thankfully, the beauty of a home is not defined by how large it is but by how well-decorated, designed & maintained it is.

For all those living in quaint/small apartments, we bring to you the Space Saving Furniture Buying Guide. ‘Coz less space does not mean that you have to compromise on your taste.


Foldable chairs

Foldable Chairs

One of the oldest pieces of space-saving furniture, foldable chairs are used in areas where large, permanent seating isn’t feasible. Though they sound not ‘elegant’ enough, there are enough options for you to choose from when it comes to foldable chairs. As far as the working is concerned, foldable chairs have hinges along which the legs and backrest flex and open up into a chair. The main USP of these chairs is that they are lightweight, can be folded absolutely flat and thus stored anywhere & everywhere!

Foldable chairs come in three varieties – low-end, mid-end & high-end.

The low-end range has a lot of options but aren’t as comfortable. Usually, these have plastic or PVC bodies, steel legs and close to zero cushioning for comfort.

The middle-end range uses better quality plastic and the seats may have slight cushioning for comfort.

The high-end range usually comprises wrought iron or wood legs and has sturdy plastic or wooden bodies. These have cushioning on the seat as well as on the backrest thereby providing complete comfort to the person seated on the chair. In some cases, the seats are ultra-flexible and can be made to fall backwards for additional luxury.

Foldable tables

Foldable Table

Along with foldable chairs began the trend of foldable tables, and this trend is here to stay! Foldable tables have hinges just between the tabletop and the legs, along which the legs bend inwards and fit securely under the tabletop thereby completely flattening the table for convenient storage. The square shaped folding tables are commonly made of aluminium and PVC/plastic and are used as coffee tables, entrance tables, dining tables even whereas the larger rectangular ones are sturdier and used in large living rooms, in dining areas and for when hosting parties.

The latest in-vogue trend when it comes to foldable tables is mini tables. These tables are wooden or plastic and are used as study/laptop desks. These are portable and can be taken along when travelling by road and used when needed.

Sofa beds

 Sofa cum Bed

Sofa beds or sofa-cum-beds have been around ever since one can remember. Sofa-cum-beds are comfortable 3-seater sofas with inbuilt mattresses (made of foam or spring) which open up into a cozy bed for an afternoon nap or a good night’s sleep. They vary in size and come in the form of single cot beds which are usually 52”x72” or large queen sized beds (60”x72”).

Bunk beds

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are an ideal choice for small homes, especially while decorating children’s rooms. Not only are bunk beds a solution to your space constraints, but they also add a touch of newness & variety to standard furniture!

Bunk beds may either be regular beds one above the other with an external ladder or sofa bunk beds i.e. a sofa when closed, a bunk bed when unfurled! Bunks mostly use materials like aluminium or wrought iron which although susceptible to corrosion are strong and durable. Bunk beds are not made of wood because over long periods of time wood begins to rot thanks to termites leading to higher rate of wear & tear.

Wall beds

Wall Bed

Just as the name reads, this is a bed inbuilt in the wall! (We are serious!) The ones readily available in the market include a bed fitted into the wall, and a wall with cupboards or bookshelves which add to storage space in your homes. All you have to do is pull out the bed during siesta time. Some wall beds also have a folding study table attached at the bottom, so when the bed isn’t in use, you can open up the table and use it for work purposes. Basically, gone are the days when you had to build a wall, now you can just go and buy one!

Ladder chairs

Ladder Chair

Is that a ladder or is that a chair? Well it’s both! Ladder chairs are typically chairs with hinges which open up into a mini stepladder; these are useful for reaching high kitchen cabinets and cupboard tops. Ladder chairs at the bottom of the price spectrum are small, made of iron or strong plastic and cannot bear much weight. The ones at the top of the spectrum are usually made of wood and are much sturdier.

Collapsible wardrobe

Collapsible Wardrobe

A collapsible wardrobe is made of plastic or thick cloth and can be folded when not in use. This is also a good choice for those who are renting homes for a short while and planning to shift out soon. Wouldn’t it be nice to carry your entire wardrobe as is along with you as you shift out and set up home in your new house?! While collapsible wardrobes offer good storage space, they obviously aren’t as sturdy and long lasting as the traditional wooden ones.

With basic advancement in the standard of living, furniture and its shape & size have changed too. Gone are the days of bulky, heavy furniture. Now is the time for easy-to-use, fancy furniture. Here are a few more times, to get saving some more space.

  • Few tables are designed such that they have grooves between each leg so that a chair fits easily into the groove. The chairs are made in proportion to the table, so that they fit in perfectly.
  • The space under your staircase is usually wasted; convert that into cabinets or drawers for additional storage space.
  • Usually, beds offer ample storage space. If you don’t have many a thing to store here, all you need to do is add a mattress and as you open it up, you’ve got yourself an additional bed!
  • Build a foldable table into a wall. At the hinge of the table build a range of bars, almost like a straight mini ladder. When required open up the bars to use it as a rack, detach it from the table to use it as a mini ladder, or let it rest at the bottom as you open up the multi-purpose table!

The next time you plan to renovate your home consider adding a touch of elegance and utility to your home with some space saving furniture from Snapdeal.

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