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Ssshhh….Mama is playing ‘office office’

Unbox new aspirations

The red box sat invitingly on the dining table; a confident vermello, radiating happy vibes. I unwrapped it carefully, feeling a tug at my heartstrings. The rustle of tissue paper, the firm finish of rosewood. A million emotions washed over me, taking me back in time.

You’re giving up your career for the baby? Think twice, Mira.”


The loneliness and vulnerability I often felt as a new mother. Had I done the right thing by taking a break from my career? The overwhelming despair that sometimes threatened to overshadow the joy of motherhood…

…the sparks of resourcefulness that had always burned within. Motherhood doesn’t mean having to give up my dreams, my identity. The aspirations to make it big. But to do it my way.

Start up on your own? A new baby and a new business? Kaise hoga?”

The insecurity. Plodding on anyway. The seeds of an idea. Rejection. Picking myself up again. Doing it all.

Burning the midnight oil. Working while the family sleeps. Con-calls from the bathroom. Presentations with Peppa Pig. Learning the art of negotiating with a toddler.

Ssshh…baby please…Mama’s playing office office..okay?”

Failure. Uncertainty. Working behind closed doors while the baby wails outside. Late nights after tending to a sick child all day. Cold chai. Maggi for dinner. Wondering if it’s all worth it. Wondering if people will get it.

Work from home mom, haan? Nice time pass hoga!”

Striking gold. Small beginnings. Making it big. Recognition. Awards. Accolades.

Mira Kapoor. Among the top ten women entrepreneurs of corporate India.”

I love you, Ma! You’re the best Mama in the universe!”

It is all worth it. Doing it all. My way.

With a little help.

I held up the inspirational rosewood plaque I had ordered for my newly done up home office and smiled at the open red box. It was time for Mama to play office office again.


At Snapdeal we understand the need to dream big. The aspiration to reach the stars.  That’s where our red boxes come in, partnering with you as you journey onwards and upwards. Every step of the way.  Because our red boxes represent possibilities. And we know that the unboxing of every possibility harnesses a desire to unlock your potential. Be the best possible version of yourself. We know that with every red box opened, you move one step closer towards conquering the universe.

That red box does not contain just a wooden plaque for a home office. It contains inspiration. Inspiration, unboxed. The best mom entrepreneur in the universe. Sounds audacious? It should! Because the greatest ambition in the universe is yet to be realized…


Unbox Zindagi

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