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Summer Makeup Shenanigans


This summer’s trends are all about how you’re feeling- at times flirty,others subtle. Sometimes feisty, sometimes fierce.  Makeup in summer is all about richness, whether it’s through the eternal neutrals, bold reds or playful sparkles. Get comfortable with the 2016 Summer trends that will help transform you into a powerhouse temptress or a badass beauty.

The Inky Pout

Whoever made way for the dark, accented pout was a genius and what’s a better way to revere this invention by keeping it handy. The dark vampire shades are trending on the makeup charts and won’t climb down any time soon (hopefully!). It’s only wise to bring on the drama with those envious shades of plum, prunes, black cherries and the delectable cocoa.

Oh my Brow!

Out with the thin, in with the strong. That’s the summer makeup war cry, at least as far as the eyebrows are concerned. Be hailed as the next runway diva by bringing back thick eyebrows. Lay down those tweezing buddies and bring out the eyebrow brushes because this summer that’s the tool you need to befriend. Make them bolder with darker colours, opting for contrast rather than monochrome and it will make your eyes pop.

Tan it down!

Global summer makeup trends are making big waves by using the ‘deep tan’ look, highlighting the sun-kissed cheeks and the radiant summer glow. The secret is the play with a sweeping blush to get the much coveted and defined look. The caramel bronzers, with a tinge of gold shimmer and a perfect matt lipstick will transform you into a bronze goddess.

Bringing the attention on the eye shadow.

The summer ushers in real makeup colours and yet let’s you be as experimental as you like. This time around, let the upper eyelid be cast as the protagonist, turn it into a canvas and you can splash colours like the chic whites and blues or the magical blacks. Don’t hold back and let the colours explode! Using the more real colours like red and brown will make you look elegant, sultry and super flattering.

Cherry Red Lips

This is probably the one trend that is indestructible. While eyes are getting most of the attention this season, the red fiery shade of red won’t budge or die down. Celebrities have often resorted to this rudy trick to bring the attention back to them and it has worked tremendously in their favour and will continue doing so this season.

Let’em Sparkle!

Want a break from lining your lower lids kohl black, here’s a quick trend that will help you break the monotony. Let the sparkly awesomeness around the outer eye corners and under-eye area and let the look bedazzle you. You can even make your look colorfully dramatic by giving your eyeliner colorful, sparkly wings.

Get these powerhouse makeup trends going and you’ll be an indestructible force that no one can ignore. Go out and have fun while your makeup looks impeccable.

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