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The Denim Gala

Denim Gala

While girls love strutting around in cute dresses and flowy gowns, there is no denying that denims are the go-to outfit for any fashionista. They are the comfort clothing that can uplift your mood  and still make you look stylish and in tune with the raging trends. Here are the 5 denim trends that every fashionable girl must know and own to #Look2016WithSnapdeal.

Cropped Denims


While skinny jeans are still in vogue, cropped flares are the new skinny jeans of 2016. The cropped denims look good with every single type of clothing and you can see a lot of celebrities pairing them up with pumps and kitten heels.

The distressed Jeans


The distressed jeans are all around us, however, our advice is to pick the casual design that has only a few distressed marks rather than the all-out distress. The small slits look gorgeous as well, and depending on how your day looks like you can pair them with sneakers or heels.

The Frayed edge

With everyone climbing on to the ripped jeans bandwagon, it’s time you chose the lesser known but equally stunning style of the frayed edge. The frayed edge is ideal for the straight cuts and looks like a dream when accentuated with strappy sandals or espadrille shoes.

Two-Tone beauties

The two tone jeans essentially mean clubbing the light and dark tone in the same pair of jeans. These jeans will blow out in the fashion world and celebrities like Gigi Hadid have already popularized this trend by pairing it will sneakers and wedges.

“Give a girl the right pair of jeans and she can conquer the world” and now that we have decoded the denim trends that are trending you have a perfect checklist that will make you the centre of everyone’s attention, while you #Look2016WithSnapdeal.

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