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Travel Destinations For Architecture Buffs

Travel Destinations for Architecture Buffs

For many, life is synonymous to travel because it is what defines them, gives them an identity. If those massive buildings, chimneys, oculus and pavilions attract you to the extent that you dream of being a part of the making of some amazing world structures, you shouldn’t be missing out on these 5 destinations to help you dream even bigger!

Chicago, USA


Do tall, sky touching buildings inspire you? If they do, this is the place for you. The completion of William Le Baron Jenney’s Home Insurance Building is an evidence of the explorations of the architectural pioneers into the steel-frame construction.



Think Dubai, Think Burj Khalifa! However, the next time you visit, do look up the Burj Al Arab and the ‘World’- an artificial archipelago made especially to resemble a world map for a jaw-dropping experience. Dubai is a perfect example of what zenith modern day architecture has reached, so fly there to marvel at how far we have come architecturally.



Reichstag- the home to the German parliament is a historical edifice in Germany which should not be missed. The buildings in Berlin interestingly reflect the attached political background of Nazism, Communism, social democracy and capitalism.

Rome, Italy


It would be a disgrace if we are talking about architecture and Rome is not mentioned. Get a feel of the Roman Empire by a visit to the Forum. Also, the Pantheon, and the Colosseum are totally worth adding to your bucket list along with the Amphitheatre Nimes.



Did we just only speak about historic architecture? Don’t worry, we have Shanghai to our rescue. It is a place famous for its modern architecture, especially tall buildings. Two of Asia’s tallest buildings, namely, the Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Centre are located here which are definitely worth a visit.

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