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Vacation Perfect Looks

Vacation Looks

Life would be so dreary without vacations, don’t you think? Well, vacations are the perfect times when people love to just unplug from their routines and get the much needed break from everyday life. Tickets done, gadgets packed, enthusiasm loaded, but is your wardrobe ‘vacay ready’? Well if you have any doubts we have 5 perfect vacation looks ready for you.

The ‘happy in rains’ look

There is a part of us that always wishes that we were in a greener, cleaner world. If you are heading to a place where you know you will be welcomed by the rain Gods make sure you have your umbrella ready. As far as dressing goes just pick up a super casual dress and wear some strappy sandals and you are ready for your green vacation.

The shortsy affair

When on a vacation, live in your shorts! This is that one piece of clothing that can never go wrong. You can pair them with a casual t-shirt for the buffet, a delicate blouse is all you need to hit the beach. Team them up with a pair of comfortable espadrille flats and go exploring your happy destinations

Floral dresses


Floral dresses fit into literally any holiday spot and they are a must have for every vacation perfect pictures. Pick a backpack, a thin belt around the waist and add a shrug or leave it behind. Make for a vacation princess by adding lots of charms and headbands to look sunkissed and vacation ready.

Shift dresses

Vacations are essentially days you get to just laze around in the warm sun and look like a million bucks. Slip into the super comfortable shift dresses and you’ll be epitome of ease. Get a denim shift dress and put on a pair of gladiators and a sling bag to amplify the look.

 The off-shoulder top

Off-shoulder tops were made for vacations. Get out of your beachy tank tops and instead opt for a lacy off-shoulder. They are not just super chic but they have a certain boho vibe going on about them. Pair them with a pair of shorts or even with your yoga pants and you’ll #Look2016WithSnapdeal.

 Someone has rightly said: “In matters of healing the body or the mind, vacation is a true genius!” and how true it is. So go fly away to new locales and have a vacation of a lifetime.

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