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A Whole New World – Discover Jolla



Jolla a Finish delight of a phone is one of the most refreshing phones soon to be available on Snapdeal. Jolla largely is made up by the ex-Nokia employees, which is centered on the abandoned MeeGo project that was established by Nokia and Intel.

Sailfish OS

Being a new OS in the market, Sailfish offers a very ingenious and refreshing feel provided by a vertical user interface which makes it interestingly different from the existing operating systems.

Double tapping the display wakes the device which reveals the lock screen and being a vertical UI, pulling down from the top-reveals a pulley menu with quick actions. The lock screen upfront includes a quick access to camera, contacts and system settings.

Sailfish comes with a three-by-three grid that presents small previews of the nine most recently used applications and one can even close software’s by long pressing the screen that will show the apps currently running in the device.

Tapping once on the thumbnail launches the application and a long press lets you slide it right or left.

Enigmatically, the Sailfish OS entails no physical/virtual home key buttons, back, menu & search buttons, but instead encourages a gesture based interface which makes it unusually different from others.

The Other Half

The Other Half is a smart cover that includes peppy colours such as Keira Black, Aloe, Poppy Red etc. which helps customise the phone by delivering a unique look, ambience and custom sound.

By replacing the back cover with a Jolla Ambience Other Half, the device starts communicating and once the Ambience Other Half finishes installing, one can create new favourite Ambiences with ringtones and colours to suite your distinctive vibes “Technology in Harmony with you”.

Gestures – swipes, pulls and peak

One can enjoy the phone by stroking the screen that helps deriving different responses. You can even double tap the screen to wake it up or use the power button.

Swipe– Used to switch between tasks that makes the interface fun to fiddle with. In order to go to the home screen from any app, just swipe on either side of the screen and to close the application you can just swipe from the top to the bottom.

Pull – By pulling down the Pulley Menu placed on the top of the phone, one can make a call and even get to the camera to click images or record videos.

Peek – One can even have a look at the events without having to stop your running activities by swiping from the bottom of the screen.

Certainly this smart phone unlike any other handset in the market adds some fresh burst of ideas that would appeal largely to the people looking for a bit of individualisation in their handsets. Jolla is making its way soon to India and will be available exclusively on Snapdeal.

  • copyninja

    When will it be available and what will be the approx cost?

  • Rosemary

    When is the launch date?

  • veerarajan

    may i know the launch date pls. . .

    • We’ll be sharing it soon! 🙂