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7 Popular and Super Affordable Must-Haves for your Home

The home is where our story begins. Having an awesome home is not just about having a great decor or the latest gadgets, but essentials that make life convenient. These essentials aren’t really a big upgrade for your home but can help you make your life move smoothly. We’ve compiled a list of 7 incredibly useful and popular products on Snapdeal that are must-haves for your home.

1. Electric Extension Board

Most of us have faced the problem of far away electric outlets and sockets from the electric devices and machines that we use. Given their need in practically every home and office, the 8 socket break-free electric extension board makes it to the top of our list. The SGJET multi-plug extension cord has been perfectly crafted for continuous and heavy usage. This resourceful extension cord is available on Snapdeal at an unbelievable price (Less than Rs 250)! This multi-port extension cord consists of top-grade high plastic making the external body reliably strong and rigid. Its lightweight design facilitates easy carrying around. This 8 socket extension comes in a rectangular shape and the cord can be wound into the extension itself. It comes in a simple white color and has two buttons that are used for left and right side sockets separately. The led turns on when the electricity is passing through and turns off when it is not. It can support many devices together.

2. Corner Shelves

For all the neatness and cleanliness freaks, there is nothing better than a nice shelf. No matter how you plan your home, you always end up needing more space, be it your bathroom or your kitchen. These acrylic corner shelves ( with easy installation ) help make more space for neatly arranging your products.

You can place the acrylic shelf in any corner and can neatly keep products on it like face wash, shower gel, etc.  The box contains 3 different sizes (9, 6, 4 inches) of highly acrylic corners.

3. Water Overflow Alarm

We’ve all forgotten to switch off our motors and wasted precious water & electricity. This incredibly useful water over-flow alarm is now becoming a feature of every home today. You no longer have to worry about switching off your motor or the over-flowing water that your neighbors are complaining about.

When your water tank is full, this Talking/Voice Alarm gets activated and the unit will give a voice alarm indicating the tank is full. It can be used with an overhead tank of any Size, Shape & Model. It needs to be simply connected directly in 220V socket or can be directly connected with your motor. It will switch ON when motor is ON and switch OFF when Motor is switched OFF. A transformer is used to ensure 100% safety with a beautiful LED provided to indicate power. This water over-flow alarm comes at an amazing price of less than Rs 300.

4. Spice Rack

A spice rack is an often overlooked tool that every kitchen needs. When cooking at home, a spice organizer within reach is a recipe’s best friend. Organizing your spices in a small kitchen can be a tricky task to say the least. This unique spice rack can make seasoning your next meal a breeze. The Cronus deluxe spice container set is made from two different materials. The rack is made from high quality ABS plastic while container is made from PET plastic. The caps are made out of steel, which makes it look attractive. The rack is easily rotatable in any direction for easy picking of the spice that you need.

5. Home Gym Set

If you prefer to workout at the comfort of your home look no further than this Home Gym Set . This gym combo set is now available for a price less than your monthly gym membership fee. It comes with all the necessary set ups for a gym and workout at home. You can set up anywhere in your home without any hassle. It is inclusive of one plain rod, one curl rod, one dumbbell rod, gym gloves, one skipping rope, one hand gripper, and two locks. It is a smart pick for you if you prefer to work out at home. With its several components, you can not only stay fit but it would feel like working out in a real gym.

6. Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

Life seems to be getting easier, thanks to technology and one crazy and insanely popular innovation is the automatic toothpaste dispenser also known as toothpaste pump. Unlike a tube, it is made of a hard plastic and you can use it by pressing a button on the dispenser rather than squeezing the tube. It allows you to brush without the need of opening a cap, painfully squeezing a tube or measuring the paste every time you need to brush your teeth.

The plastic toothbrush holder and dispenser is the perfect product to neatly arrange the most critical part of oral care and oral hygiene. The simple product helps organize your toothpaste tube and toothbrushes in a neat and clean manner. It is an extremely popular product and is now becoming a feature of every home.

It can be fixed in the bathroom mirror, a tiled wall or on any surface thanks to the adhesive strips or suction cups hidden behind the tube.

7. Stainless Steel Handy Folding Towel Rack

A towel rack allows you to dry towels thoroughly and make efficient use of space. It offers you a best way to organize the bathroom and your clothes. This Handy folding tower rack is one of the most popular designs owing to its simplicity, elegance and ease of use. At a price of just over Rs 1,000 it is increasingly becoming the towel rack of choice for many homes.

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