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7 Insanely Popular Must-Have Massagers

A good massage can be very powerful in helping you take charge of your health and general well-being. Research shows that getting a massage regularly can lead to plenty of health benefits such as easing muscle soreness, and reducing stress. Despite these benefits most of us don’t find the time or budget to regularly schedule an appointment in a spa or a health club. Luckily, investing in one of these 7 incredibly popular (and super affordable) massagers on Snapdeal for at-home use can help.

1. Neck, Back and Shoulder Massager

Price: 3,000*

This neck, back and shoulder massager is suitable both for home and car use. It combines infrared heating and warm temperature to give you different massager experiences. Right and reverse massage way increases the massage effect and will provide you with the real kneading massage.

2. 8 in 1 Magic Massager

Price: 2,000*

The Deemark 8 in 1 Magic Massager is a powerful massager with eight easy-to-use attachment options designed to stimulate pressure points and relax stiff muscles and nerves. It is designed to provide comfortable, vibrating massage therapy which in turn relieves fatigue, relaxes the whole body, helps ease stress and promote blood circulation. The 8 attachments allow you to conveniently massage various parts of the body like head, neck, shoulder, back, chest and hands. The fast massage setting can stretch tensile muscle and slow massage setting can help ease muscular pain.

3. Seat Topper Back And Neck Massager

Price: 11,499*

This is a full size seat topper massager. It has an elastic strap for strapping onto chairs and car seats. This massager is great for home, office or cars. An adapter is included for both home and car use. It has 5 massage motors in 3 massage zones and also a heat function. It helps relieve stress, tension, pain and provides relaxation. You can use it at home while reading, watching TV etc. or in your car. The multi-function wired remote control provides off and high/low intensity levels for upper back, lower back and neck areas. The heating function provides soothing heat and helps relieve pain in the back. It’s a great one-time investment especially for people who sit for long hours or drive a lot.

4. Magic Beauty Massager

Price: 999*

The Magic Beauty Massager is an innovative device which captures the magic of pulsating vibro massage & acupressure technique. We all know the benefits of massage and acupressure but never before have these two been combined to give you an effective facial massage. This massager is strong enough to penetrate deep layers of your tissue and yet gentle enough to be even used around the eye area without any straining of pulling of skin.

5. Dolphin Massager

Price: 1,299*

The Dolphin massager is a portable and convenient percussion massager for your entire body. It weights only 2.5 lb and has 3 interchangeable heads to pinpoint your deep tissue with a huma- like-touch feeling. The adjustable intensity provides a soothing and effective massage that helps relieve stress, enhance blood circulation and stimulate cell metabolism.

6. Foot Massager

Price: 4,200*

This air pressure foot massager improves metabolism, reduces stress, increases blood circulation, and promotes relaxation as effectively as the typical mechanical foot massager. Massage rollers relieve tightness at the bottom of the feet while air compression makes your feet feel refreshed. There are two massage programs with 2 intensities of air pressure. The surrounding fabric can easily be removed and cleaned, allowing for a long product life. There is no assembly required and is easy to store, transport and use. It is a multi-functional massager with shiatsu massage, kneading massage, rolling, air pressure and heating function. It has been ergonomically designed to tackle the distribution of the feet acupuncture points for a professional-feeling massage at home. The machine shuts off automatically after 15 minutes. You can also set up time up to 30 minutes and LCD screen displays the real time left.

7. Multi-function Foot Kneading Massager

Price: 4,199*

The Deemark foot kneading massager is definitely on the high-tech side of massagers! This massager is built to give you a soothing and a vigorous massage to your feet.

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