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The Work Culture at Snapdeal Allows you to Grow as a Person

I joined Snapdeal in 2011 right after my post-graduation. As a fresher, I could not have found a better platform. I was initially a part of the merchandising team. I learned how to handle product catalogues, listing process, and how to deal with multiple stakeholders. One of the best things about working here is the regular appreciation of good work and accessibility to people.

I moved out of Snapdeal last year and went back home to Patna to start my own business. It was after my sister’s wedding that I realized that I could do much more at Snapdeal. I missed the work environment. I re-joined Snapdeal after 4 months. My family supported me and has been proud of my decision. A lot of my friends back home also ask me about how they can join Snapdeal.

I’ve been promoted multiple times over the last couple of years at Snapdeal. I joined Snapdeal when there were very small teams and everyone sat in the same building. The founders have inspired me and many others around me to go the extra mile and never give up. The work culture & the environment allows you to grow personally and professionally.

The goals are very transparently shared. As of now our goal is to be profitable and I firmly believe that we are in the right direction with the right plan.

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