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Home, Not Alone

14 days of WFH and going strong!

The world is going through an unprecedented upheaval that has disrupted our daily lives at work and at home in ways unimaginable a few weeks ago.

As we continue to serve our customers, it is also important that the team, working remotely, experiences the same warm, welcoming culture that they would in the office.

Work from Home (WFH) is not only all about providing technical and connectivity assistance. It is also about nurturing the culture and maintaining the level of engagement experience that the teams are used to while at work.

The impact and significance of staying connected – not just technologically, but also emotionally – in times of disruption cannot be overstated. It is in times like these that strong, enduring bonds are forged.

Here is what we have done at Snapdeal in the last two weeks of our on-going WFH journey:

Connect, Connect. And then some more!
At the office, we interact with our teammates every day as we mingle by the coffee machine, in the cafeteria, and during work engagements. We cross many more colleagues in the aisles, in the lifts – a quick nod and a smile as we bustle around. But at home, we are all alone. Or so it seems.

We are filling this gap with constant interactions – some structured, many spontaneous. A series of chats, conferences and hangout calls keeps our team connected throughout the working day. Well-designed and fun communication guides the team through the day.

A typical day for SDians working from home looks like this:

In the office, we play peppy music in the mornings over the PA system. We are continuing this by uploading handpicked songs on Snapdeal Radio and sending them to the team. A good dose of music delivered before the start of working hours peps up the mood.

There is nothing better than to start your day with a healthy workout. With everyone working from home, we have launched a program called Hustle for the Muscle that encourages team members to stay healthy and fit during these times. Each day a video, with a different form of exercise or activity, is shared with the team to help them kick start their day on a high-energy note.

Work From Home (WFH) tips
Each day our team members receive one tip to make their WFH experience better. The tips not only includes hacks to productivity but also guidance for physical and emotional well being.

Starting each day as a team
Our crack team huddles up daily to kick start our day. These conversations include check-in for the day, celebrations of quick wins of the previous day, things to be done for the current day and a lot of banter. ☺☺ The day ends with a regroup of this team.

Appreciation & collaboration
Use of creative “Thank you” and “Kudos” cards for team members to appreciate each other and give an e-shout to teams or individuals for their camaraderie and support through these demanding times is an instant morale boost.

Tales from Home
Publishing WFH experiences of different team members, anecdotes and funny incidents keep the whole thing real in a virtual world.

Founders Connect Sessions with Skip level Managers

The connect calls between skip-level managers and our founders, Kunal & Rohit are one of the most exciting chats that happen many times in a week. The conversations range from cooking experiments gone wrong to folks picking up new hobbies and discussions on the best shows on Netflix, Hotstar, etc. And yes, founders also share updates on the business.

Quiz @ 4 PM
Amidst the rigor of a working day, a fun quiz at 4 pm brings in some lighter moments. The list of winners is flashed to the entire organization.

Remote Onboarding

It’s time for a new approach to onboarding and yes we did it! We welcomed new members to our tech team. Thanks to technology & HR team that enabled paperless documentation, orientation & induction for the fresh batch of SDians.

Mera Space Best Space

Snapdeal team members have set up inspiring working space for themselves at home. During a recent contest, members shared photos of their “home offices” and there were prizes for the coolest ones.

One day – One call
We encourage everybody in the team to find the time and make at least one call to another colleague just to check in on his/her well being. Strictly no work-related talk allowed ☺

A shoulder to lean on
The days of lockdown can be overwhelming for some. The employee relations team has reached out to folks who seem fatigued, exhausted or have expressed the need for a chat. These counseling sessions are a way to hear out our folks & seek the best possible way to address their concerns, whether they are work-related or any personal matter.

And we have lots more excitement lined up for our team over the next few weeks.

In these virtual times, the bonds of camaraderie are indeed stronger than ever before.

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