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The enthusiasm towards work is very high

I joined Snapdeal in Feb 2019 and as a senior software engineer. The enthusiasm towards work is very high. The environment on the floor is very motivating and fast-paced. I’ve been part of a team working on light weight API, which reduces network latency and improves user experience. The best part about working at Snapdeal is the ownership you get. The learning experience has been very good for me. I got a chance to work on machine learning algorithms, python, aerospike, Kafka, and Cassandra db.

There is a very high level of transparency at Snapdeal. The founders are also approachable. I’ve never found or seen anything like this elsewhere. One of the biggest wins for me was to start and oversee the implementation of a complete project from scratch. It helped reduce a lot of costs for the company. It was a big win for me. I got a lot of appreciation and recognition for my work.

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