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My journey at Snapdeal has taught me to be determined

I’ve been working with Snapdeal since 2015 as a part of the customer support team. In the 3 years since my joining, the constant encouragement and support I’ve received has helped me consistently perform and achieve my goals.

This year was very hard for me personally. I lost my brother in the month of February. It was a big personal loss and getting over it was very tough. I don’t think I would’ve been able to come out of it without the support of my team. I regained my composure and tried maintaining the benchmark that I had set for myself professionally.

One of the best things about working here is that hard work gets recognised. It motivates me to do more. I’ve recently been awarded the “Lord of the Rings” award, for consistently over-achieving my goals. Getting this award from the co-founders means a lot to me.

I feel that in the last 8 months we’ve come closer as a team. Activities such as the “Chai pe Charcha” that we have every month with our CEO & COO have allowed a lot of free-flowing constructive discussions.

My journey at Snapdeal has taught me to be determined. I’ve become more focused and have learned to work under pressure. Even in the most adverse circumstances, if one is focused, everything falls back into place.


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