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My sale on Snapdeal has grown by more than 50% in the last few months!

Continuing the series of the stories of our sellers, we bring to you another such story of the faith reposed by Jay Bheda of Dee Horizon, Mumbai, in Snapdeal. He along with his partner Deepesh Shah have seen an incredible growth in their business in the last 6 months. Read more about his journey below.

I’ve been selling on Snapdeal for the last 5 years

We have had a retail shop in Mumbai for the last 35 years. We shifted to selling online 5 years ago, and my current business of headphones, earphones and gaming zones etc. started in January. While browsing through the Snapdeal website, I had seen the link to ‘Sell on Snapdeal’ and clicked on it to register. I’ve been selling on Snapdeal since then.

In the last 6 months, my sale on Snapdeal has increased considerably!

My sale is up by more than 50% in the last few months. I have done business worth Rs. 11 lakh on Snapdeal in the last 30 days alone, whereas my company’s total monthly turnover from all channels was around Rs. 8 lakh!

Snapdeal’s direct communication and support is the reason behind my improved sale

The main advantage of selling on Snapdeal is the direct communication with account / category management teams. I can safely say that my business has improved thanks in large part to the support I get from them. In comparison, on the other platforms where I sell, my success comes only from the competitive prices I set, without any support from them. I can be assured that for the returns I get on Snapdeal, I will have to hardly file any claims. This is not the case for other platforms, where I get damaged goods or duplicates in return.

Snapdeal’s payment cycle helps me maintain my financial health

Snapdeal has always given me payments on time – the date mentioned in the panel is when I receive my payments. The one good thing that has happened in the last few months is that the TrustPay Payment Cycle has been reduced from 15+1 days to 6+1 days. This means more I get payments sooner and it helps me maintain my financial health better.

Snapdeal is my first choice to launch my own brand under my trademark

Now I have also got my own trademark certificate. I plan to launch new products under my own brand name shortly. Snapdeal will always be my first choice to launch my own brand, because I can be assured of good support and business.

Selling on Snapdeal is easy! To grow your business with Snapdeal, just register here:

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