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My business has grown 500% year on year with Snapdeal

Bringing to you the story of this inspiring entrepreneur from Mumbai who decided to follow her dreams beyond the traditional norms. Charu had always been ambitious and had a deep desire to set up a business. After 10 years of being a homemaker and a wonderful mother to 2 kids, Charu felt it was time to do something for herself. With a small office space, she took the plunge and registered herself as a Snapdeal seller in 2012. Today, Charu is a known business woman in the E commerce industry who has grown phenomenally with Snapdeal. 

I started my business from scratch in 2012 from a 120 sq feet office space

After I completed my MBA in 2001, I got married into a traditional business family where the ‘bahus’ back then were not supposed to work. I settled well in the family and my desire to do something of my own continued. After the birth of my second child, I decided to take the first step towards my dreams. My husband supported me as he knew deep down that I have always been an ambitious person. After 10 years of being a homemaker I bounced back with a vision to set up a company of my own.

Traditional way of doing business was not my cup of tea

When the first thought of business crosses my mind, I knew that traditional business is not my cup of tea, and at that time Ecommerce was the latest buzz. I was passionate about fashion. I travelled to Surat, studied the fabric market, researched about the trending fashion and decided to take the plunge online. Snapdeal was a pioneer in fashion online. I registered myself as a seller with them and my entrepreneurial journey started in 2012 with a small 120 sq feet office.

My business  journey from a trader to a manufacturer with Snapdeal

In 2012, Ecommerce was still a new concept for the customers. Fashion as a category is very personal to people. Touch and feel of the fabric, trial drapes were the basis of decision making. This was a challenge in online shopping and many people tried to convince me that fashion clothing is what no one can ever buy online. Snapdeal inspired confidence in me and worked closely to help me grow my business. I was witnessing the phase wherein people were opening up to buy fashion clothes online from an Ecommerce platform.

My business has grown 500% growth year on year with Snapdeal

The business which I started from trading has now made me a manufacturer. We manufacture more than 20,000 units every day. A business which started with 2 people, now has a team of 15 and today we have more than 350 + people working across multiple departments from manufacturing to operations to inventory and everything.

Snapdeal has given me an identity of a business woman in the E commerce industry

The fire which was there when I started my business from zero has now transformed to become brand ISHIN. My brand is now known as a nation-wide brand in women’s ethnic wear space. People now buy Ishin sarees, dress materials, Ishin Kurtas & sets across the country. With Snapdeal, our product now goes to tier 2, tier 3 & tier 4 town & cities. It is a wonderful feeling when you know your brand is admired by millions of customers across. It motivates us to do even better and more.

My journey from a homemaker to business woman has been really worthwhile with Snapdeal

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