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Our business has grown 200% year on year with Snapdeal

This is an inspiring story from Lucknow where these Snapdeal sellers have brought their 6 decades old business online. After operating from a small shop in the busy bazaars of India, the couple changed gears for their business growing by partnering with Snapdeal. A business that started by selling in local transport is now a established brand in the market that is a testimony of hard work and commitment.

Journey from a shop to an online Business

This is a family business which was started by our grandfather in 1951, He has built the business from scratch. Initially he used to sell fashion jewellery in buses and trains. He worked hard and put together money to buy a shop. Soon after passing out from high school, I started to accompany my father to the shop. Those three decades taught me the nuances of a good jewelry business. It was not just about styling and designing but also about convenience and comfort of the wear. As we continued to operate from the shop, my son who was gearing up to complete his studies and contribute, registered our business online. He wanted to explore this new platform to expand the business. Soon, our 6- decade- old business that was operated from a shop in Lucknow was registered as a seller on Snapdeal by my young ambitious son.

Our Business is growing by 200% year on year with Snapdeal

While the online format of our business was being explored, this was a completely new world for us and we had no clue how it would unfold. Assuming it to be a try, we listed a single products on the site in 2014. I still recall the next day my son was leaving to pursue his higher studies that we received our first order from Snapdeal. There has been no looking back since then. My wife and daughter joined me to help process the orders. Snapdeal has been our business partner since then. We are growing 200% per year with Snapdeal.

Snapdeal has always worked like a true Business partner with us

They have always extended a hand hold approach for a seamless experience all through. They taught us to list, manage pricing and catalogue including the detailing of optimum packaging so that our fragile products could reach the customers smoothly. Getting associated with Snapdeal has been a wonderful experience. The best part of Snapdeal is that whenever we contacted them for help, be it in payments, order processing issue or listing issues they have always helped in resolving the same and educating us timely about the processes. Snapdeal panel is very easy to understand. We easily get to know which products of ours is best-selling and which ones need a different styling.

With Snapdeal, we have learnt the true value of our products

The business that our family started 6 decades ago with a cutter and a plier has now transitioned to a business operated through a keyboard. Snapdeal empowered our journey from being a shopkeeper to a businessman that we are today. With the true partnership that we share with Snapdeal, we have understood the true value of our products and with their vision and our hard work Lucky Jewellery has now become a brand name acclaimed in the country.

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