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More than 60% of our online sales in the domestic market comes from Snapdeal

There are many businesses across India who have benefitted immensely by selling on Snapdeal. Some entrepreneurs have right after launching their business listed their products on Snapdeal to grow their business successfully. There are offline businesses who’ve used the power of Snapdeal to reach out to more customers across India.

In this post, we bring you the story of Ritin Nagpal, who took over his family’s dry fruits business. They started by selling 2-3 packets a day and are now doing more than 6000 orders every month.

I am taking my grandparents 40-year-old dry fruits business to new heights!

My grandparents set up the dry fruits business in Jammu in 1979. It was a 100% exports business till 2002. Our specialty has been Kashmiri Walnuts. I am the third generation in the family business. As I took on the reigns of the Business, I wanted to do something different to take the company to new heights. We decided to strengthen our foothold in the domestic market and took the route with the help of distributors. While the Brand was making its way well into the market, I was somehow missing the connection with the consumers. There was a distinct urge to hear from the customers directly, take feedback and learn what could be different. In 2014, we set up our own online portal and started selling 2-3 packets a day. The learning was good and we gradually started uploading our products across the different portals.

Our products are delivered to more than 5000 pin codes now!

Our journey with Snapdeal started in August 2016. The best part of selling on Snapdeal is the extensive list of pin codes they can service. Their reach in Tier 2-3 towns and cities has enabled us to ship our products to markets we could have not accessed on our own. Their couriers pick up orders and deliver to different geographies including North East India.

More than 60% of our online sales in the domestic market comes from Snapdeal

We started by selling 2-3 packets a day to now more than 6000 monthly orders. More than 60% of our online sales come from Snapdeal. Our domestic market sales have seen a marked 15% increase the last year.

Ease of use of seller portal makes our business scalable

Snapdeal’s seller portal is the easiest to understand and operate. The staff has been able to learn it quickly. The portal is transparent and has all the information to know the exact status of all payments. We have never had to go back with queries as all details are clearly available in a few clicks. It’s quite intuitive. With one automated stop for all transactions, payments, and orders, our focus has been to scale the business

Snapdeal’s Account Manager works like a Business partner

Their team of account managers is one of the best we work with. They partner closely in every decision to ensure we make the most of all promotions and deals of the day. They know the tricks of the trade on how to pick a product up and increase its sale. Their data analytics is very strong and that helps us to forecast orders, ensure competitive pricing and best of all learn from customer experiences.

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