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23-year-old entrepreneur grows his business by more than 75% with Snapdeal

In continuation of our series on stories of our sellers, we bring to you another inspiring story of a seller from the fashion vertical who has seen an amazing growth in his business from Snapdeal. Here is the story of Sonu Shah, a young entrepreneur with a dream to build something of his own who started selling on Snapdeal this year.
Our journey with Snapdeal began in January 2018
I started my Business in the women’s footwear category with my friend in 2017.  We completed our B. Tech last year and taking up a job was the obvious next step for us.  We worked in a company for a couple of years but soon realized that the return would be limited. We were 23 years old and were driven to earn much more, had the energy to take risks and a desire to make a name for ourselves. We wanted to build something big of our own.
We joined our relative’s offline business and decided to take it online. With the help of a few tips that we learned on the internet, we set up our own website and started receiving 2-3 orders a day. Being nowhere close to what we had set out to do, the business needed an experienced push. In our research, we got to know about online marketplaces including Snapdeal. We registered on a few portals and started uploading our products. Our journey with Snapdeal began in January 2018. 
The support extended by Snapdeal is matchless
Our business started to grow only after we started selling on Snapdeal. A committed team of account managers work relentlessly with us like business partners.  It is with them that we’ve learned the nuances of an online Business. Had they not supported us when we con board, we would’ve not been where we are today. They value relationships and that’s what worked for us. We trust them more than anything.
Within the first 2 months, our business grew by 75% with Snapdeal
Within the first 10 days, we started getting 50 orders a day. We were selling 500+ units by the end of the first month. This grew to more than 2,500 units in the next couple of months. We ensured our offerings are best in style and quality. Snapdeal’s team works constantly to help us navigate the competition and ensures that our brand stands out.  When we started, we actively ran ads on the site and the traction was immediate. We are now known as a brand and our products are being well received across the country.
Possibilities of growth with Snapdeal are limitless
The extensive reach of Snapdeal enables us to overcome all geographic limitations. We are constantly bringing in global styles in our assortment and making it available to millions of people at competitive prices. We have more than 50 workers now with 15 people dedicatedly managing the online business.
Our trust in Snapdeal has only strengthened over time and that is very important for a businessman like me who is new in the online space.

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  1. Karan Karan July 23, 2018

    This story is amazing and motivational. I just jumped into e-commerce seller and now just experiencing from motivational stories like these. Snapdeal seems a right place to start with. But how to know our potential customers on Snapdeal or any other e-commerce store.

    If I start with Snapdeal what will be the process of packaging and delivery. Where can I find all these answers?

    Again, a nice read.
    Thanks for sharing.

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