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Snapdeal has gifted me some very special moments of my life

My journey with Snapdeal began in 2013 as an operations executive. I found an instant connect with the team as they took us through life at Snapdeal during induction. This has been like my second home since then. Everyone respects each other and the strengths we bring to work. I feel empowered to share my thoughts, take initiatives and make a difference through my work every day.

Snapdeal has a very open and transparent work environment. The focus is the goal and we are free to carve our own path to achieve that goal. We get the guidance and support and the rest is what we give our best to. We are not expected to walk the defined line but are allowed to experiment and explore. This has been very empowering for me. If you have the attitude to learn and explore something new each day, life is awesome at Snapdeal.

One of the best things is the acknowledgment by seniors and colleagues for our efforts. The recognition given by the founders, the narration for the award given by the leader in front of everyone takes the sentiment of the award to another level. This feeling is kind of addictive and you want to ensure that you do everything to be able to receive it again.

Snapdeal has gifted me some very special moments of my life. When I was promoted my family received a personal letter and a bouquet. This was a surprise for me to be discovered only when I reached home. Watching my mother with a big smile and a look of pride was priceless for me.

The work culture here is very different and unique from my previous companies. Even the tight deadlines seem fun as we work together to reach the goal. I have evolved as a person and professional with Snapdeal. It is a very enriching experience to work with like-minded people.

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