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My Business has grown by 300% in 6 months with Snapdeal

In this post, we bring you an incredibly inspiring story of a seller on Snapdeal. He never gave up the quest to do something meaningful despite the challenging times he saw right from childhood. The journey wasn’t easy after he lost his father at a young age. He gathered the courage and continued to work hard taking care of his responsibilities. He explored various career options but did not settle until he found a partner who could help him achieve his aspirations for a good quality of life. He built his online business from scratch and is now a successful and growing seller on Snapdeal.


A 19-year-old entrepreneur inspired me to start an online Business on Snapdeal

I lost my father at a very young age. After my 12th, I started taking Maths tuitions to earn some additional income to support my family, While I continued my studies to pursue MBA, I explored various career options including working in the corporate world, giving lectures in a college, setting up a dry cleaning shop and a cyber cafe but nothing came close to giving me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. In my quest to find something meaningful, I noticed a boy coming regularly to my cafe to print invoices from an online portal. As my curiosity started to build, I enquired more about what he did and learned that he was an entrepreneur selling on Snapdeal. Inspired by his story, I researched on the internet and simply registered on Snapdeal.  In December 2015, I started listing products from different categories on the site. The Snapdeal account manager who worked closely helped me to identify a category I could focus on. I ventured into the inner wear category and that was the real beginning of my journey with Snapdeal

In the last six months, my business has grown by 300% with Snapdeal
Initially, I would get 5-6 orders a day. The account manager guided me with promotions, trends and consumer behavior and the orders started to steadily rise and grew to more than 3000 monthly orders. The last six months have been phenomenal for me where my business has grown by more than 300%.  Today, my products are being delivered to towns and cities across the country.  I could have never imagined that my products could reach such a vast geographic expanse.
 Journey from being a trader to a manufacturer with Snapdeal
I have built my business from scratch. I started my business as a trader procuring products from the wholesale market. I listed around 50 products initially which have now grown to 2000+. My mother and wife have been my pillars helping me manage the daily operations. With the growth my Business has achieved with Snapdeal,  I have been able to set up a manufacturing unit of my own now. This unit will not only manufacture customized products for my business but also supply to many retailers. I have a team of 4 people who help me process the orders.
On Snapdeal, my shop is open 24 hours
The best part of working with Snapdeal is that they manage the entire backend of my business operations including managing the payments enabling me to focus on procurement and processing orders. With this support, I have no constraints of space and time to grow my business. The sellers portal is efficient and easy to use giving me all the information I need in a few clicks. The best part of this Business is that my shop is open and selling products 24X7.
My goal in life is to make my family’s dream come true!
With the financial constraints we grew up in, we never got to enjoy a quality life. My brand has an identity now. I am proud to see my mother get the respect and enjoy a better quality of life while my wife and I get to pursue our interests beyond Business. I operate from home and have time to spend with my family and friends. I am happy with the quality of life.

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