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I took our 50-year-old offline business to new heights with Snapdeal

It is inspiring to hear the stories of young entrepreneurs who have built their own businesses with passion and pride. Delighted to share with you the story of Mr. Vaibhav Garg, who joined his half century old family business to give it a new energising twist by taking it online. He changed the growth trajectory of the business by bringing together innovation and experience to produce high quality products. He has been working with Snapdeal to build a strong structure that would enable him scale the business to great heights.  This is his story….

My father runs a metallic kitchenware shop in Jagadhari. My grandfather set it up 50 years ago and this has been our family business since then. We are manufacturers and sellers of steel and copper kitchenware.  After completing B. Tech, joining the business was a natural course for me. I wanted to change gears for the business and take it to newer heights. Fascinated by E-commerce, I was excited by the concept of selling daily kitchen utility items online. The consumers were used to buying such products only offline with only few brands available in the segment.  I wanted to optimise this opportunity. With our manufacturing unit set up in the largest hub of metals in India, it only seemed logical to venture into the online space and bring together innovation and experience to produce good quality products at great prices. I was confident that we could make this Big!

I started my online journey with small portals and joined Snapdeal in 2014. The initial years demanded we learn the nuances of online selling. The consumers had to be introduced to the concept of buying kitchenware online. With the experience we had gathered over years as manufacturers, we were excited to bring out newness in the category. Determined to make this business big, I pursued Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain management in 2015.  I have been able to apply this learning to run my business efficiently.  The journey was not easy, but the Snapdeal team kept us motivated. Their perseverance and encouragement were our pillars as we streamlined our internal processes.

We have seen terrific growth with Snapdeal with our monthly revenues exceeding a crore last month! Our business has grown by more than 10 times in the last 7 months. We process on an average 900 orders a day. We expect these numbers to grow 5X in the coming festive months! Snapdeal is the lifeline of my business. The category managers work like Business partners with us. Their support has been superb enabling a smooth backward integration for us to develop a seamless online ecosystem.  Snapdeal promotions have gone a long way in helping us get an edge in the market. The team is open to try and test new products respecting our decades of experience in the category.

The Snapdeal sellers panel is one its best. It is fast and swift. The hard work that has gone behind building the technology is remarkable. The effort to simplify every part of the order processing is reflected in the ease of operating. The nuances like automated courier wise segregation for label printing, for instance is a small feature but saves many manual hours!  The easy listing process, transparent payment structures have made the entire experience of selling online smooth and efficient for our business

My business brand KC is named after my grandfather.  Our half a century old business is now making its mark across the country and at 28, I am proud of being the third generation to take this leap.  I am confident that this is just the beginning of our success story and with our continued passion and partnership with Snapdeal, there are far greater heights waiting to be achieved!

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