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Our Business has Grown by More than 70% in the last 7-8 months with Snapdeal

Bringing to you an inspiring story of a 67-year-old entrepreneur on Snapdeal, Mr. Rakesh Verma who has taken his toys manufacturing business to great heights along with his son, Siddhant.  Their passion and drive to build and scale this business have given them an edge and flexibility to innovate and design products customized to the Indian market. The zeal and commitment of this father-son duo to build quality educational toys reflect in their success. 

The Toy revolution in Taiwan inspired me to start my Toys manufacturing business

I had always wanted to work for myself. After 11 years of working in the corporate sector as a Plant Superintendent, I set up a computer keyboard manufacturing business. The business was doing well. Over the years, with changing government policies, however, importing became a natural course of this business line and manufacturing suffered as a consequence. I was forced to look for alternatives for diversification. I was inspired by the toy revolution led by Taiwan, where the toy companies reset their course to manufacturing computer keyboards. I decided to walk the reverse path!! I transitioned to the toys manufacturing business in 1995.

Our business has grown by more than 100% each year with Snapdeal

Our Business has grown by more than 100% each year since our journey began with Snapdeal.  The company has bounced back with its positivity and fervor after a hitting a low phase last year. We have recovered 70-80% of our original numbers in the last 7-8 months and I am sure we will be now only looking forward. Working with Snapdeal has been great. We realized that there is a perceived respect a product gets by selling on a platform like Snapdeal. Our market has seen a steep growth in the last 4 years. since we started selling online on Snapdeal. The team has really helped us transition from an offline to an online business. Our brand visibility has seen a tremendous boost.

Snapdeal payment structure is fast and efficient
Its been a joy working with Snapdeal. Their user-friendly app makes the entire business management smooth and efficient. The timely payments enable us to plan forward and manage our capital. The category manager at Snapdeal works closely like your peers. They handheld us to get the basics right and that included taking pictures a certain way, presentation of our products, planning promotions for festivals, timing promotions to get the desired TG and much more

Snapdeal empowers us to innovate by sharing customer insights

Earlier our brand was known only in the metropolitan cities, but with Snapdeal our brand has now reached the Tier 2 and 3 towns and cities as well. Our consumers don’t just include individuals but also educational institutions.  Snapdeal has not only given us the platform to position our brand well in the online space but also ensured that we are constantly evolving by sharing valuable insights from customers. We feel privileged to be able to customize our offerings for our end users and see the impact of these in such a short TAT.  This has empowered us to innovate and constantly add value to our current range. Our products are now available across 3 different languages. We have recently launched our 2 digit priced remote controlled cars which were earlier impossible to imagine.
 We aspire to reach many more consumers through Snapdeal and we are sure we will be able to grow our business far beyond our current aspiration.


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