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Snapdeal has given me the drive to do much more in life!

I completed my schooling from Ladnun, a town in the Nagaur district, Rajasthan.  Taking my teachers advice, I moved to Delhi in 2011 after Class XII for higher studies and decided to pursue CA.  I worked hard, and qualified for my second level of IPCC in November 2012 and joined a CA firm in April 2013 for a 3 year internship. After I completed my final CA exams in November 2016,  I learnt about some vacancies in one of the top consulting firms and got shortlisted for the post of Analyst in Indirect Taxation domain. I  was promoted to be a Consultant soon after I cleared my CA exams. I was delighted to have made my teachers and my parents proud. While I was still exploring opportunities both within Consulting or move to the industry, my grandmother fell ill and nothing looked right except to be by her side.  I put down my papers and went back to my hometown. I am glad I made that choice then. I was there by her side in the most critical times.

I came back to Delhi to give interviews again and joined Snapdeal in May 2018 in the compliance team. The best part of working at Snapdeal is the cool environment and a great work culture. The teams are engaged in business decisions and that gives a lot of opportunity for learning. The concept of hierarchy is quite mute with ample opportunities to interact with the leadership. GST is still a new subject in the financial world and has always excited me since its launch. Interacting with cross functional teams discussing the subject gives a great platform for knowledge exchange. Meeting the founders is like an adrenaline rush for me.  All of us work together like a team. One feels connected to the business at all times and motivated to make a valuable difference each day. I am proud to be a part of Snapdeal 2.0 journey.

I am enjoying the fine balance that I have been able to find for myself- the fast moving, career driven, independent and luxurious life of living in a city and the love, peace and joy of being able to visit my home in the small town with my family. The pride I see in my parent’s eyes when my neighbours consult me is precious. I recently conducted a seminar for local dealers in Ladnun who wanted to learn more about GST to do their businesses.  Snapdeal has given me the confidence and drive to do much more in life than I could have ever imagined!

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