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Snapdeal’s “Kum Mein Dum” Diwali sale

Snapdeal reveals popular people choices this festive season

Looks at most bought items across categories, state-wise

Snapdeal’s “Kum Mein Dum” Diwali sale selection, this year, was built around choices indicated by more than 1.25 Lakh Snapdeal users across 92 cities. With the sale season coming to a close, Snapdeal analysed its orders during the sale period, to understand what worked with users.

This year with more than 90% towns across India placing orders on its platform, Snapdeal took a statewise look at consumer preferences. While home products, kitchen electronics and fitness products were expectedly some of the most popular choices, a closer look into what people across India bought threw up some interesting insights.

  1. Popularity of home and kitchen products reflected how closely people’s lives revolve around their homes currently.
  • Comfortably sinking away its ‘stuck-at-home’ blues, Chandigarh bought the most number of beans bags
  • Uttarakhand continued to stay calm and grill on with a high number of barbeque grills sold across the state. Next door neighbour, Uttar Pradesh (UP), lived up to its rich culinary legacy, with it buying the maximum number of kitchen items like mixers and choppers, cooking utensils and cooking ware to serve the delicacies.
  • Giving UP a tough competition, Tamil Nadu bought the most number of kitchen essentials like pressure cookers, 3-in-one cookers and steamers.
  • True to its spirit, Goa placed the maximum number of orders for bar accessories
  1. Fashion beauty and jewellery continue to be favorites among Snapdeal shoppers, albeit with some difference

  • Keeping its WFH days comfortable, fashionable Delhi opted for casual wear and made a beeline for items like t-shirts, track pants, sweatshirts etc.

  • Interestingly, there was no such thing as too many sunglasses for Telangana. Sunglasses were the most loved in Telangana on Snapdeal

  • Sarees and  footwear were top fashion choices among women in Bihar and Punjab respectively

  • Earrings were top-selling jewellery items on Snapdeal, with most orders coming in from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Maharashtra continued its link with tradition by buying the maximum number of mangalsutras in the country.

  • While Orissa spent the most on eye make up items like eyeliners, kohl and eye shadows, West Bengal focussed on hair and bought hair dryers and straighteners

  • Meghalaya showed how to be boho-chic on a budget with distressed shorts, floral-themed dresses, printed jeans and bead necklaces popular sartorial choices across the state.

  • Time was of the essence in Andhra Pradesh with the maximum number of watches sold in the state. Him & Her sets and 3-fashion watches with changeable straps were popular picks.

  1. The pandemic saw some taking advantage of outdoors and then there were some who preferred to spend on indoor, at-home fitness  items

  • Haryana bought the most number of gym equipment, and Karnataka bought the most number of fitness bands. The culinary indulgence in Uttar Pradesh was balanced by the state buying the maximum number of home gym products like tummy trimmers, training weights and abdominal rollers.

  • Puducherry was high on accessories for bicycles like water bottle holders, tail lights

  1. Tech and mobile accessories were popular across India, but some states spent more on some items

  • Rural areas from Kerala placed the maximum number of orders for WIFi routers to remain connected and Chattisgarh bought the most number of mobile accessories like earphones and mobile phone covers

  • Himachal Pradesh was a step ahead and bought bluetooth speakers & headphones

  • Assam showed how to keep the focus by buying the maximum number of books & guides to prepare for various competitive exams.

  1. Stellar seller states

  • Rajasthan spread it colourful cheer by selling the most number of home decor items including large number of printed and embroidered bed covers

  • Gujarat received maximum orders overall and that included items like clothes and textile-related orders like sarees etc.

  • Jharkhand saw increased demand for bamboo products like planters & cutlery items produced in the state by local artisans.

  • Jammu and Kashmir was in demand for its famous willow bats, walnuts & saffron threads.

  • Punjab sold the most winter wear clothing items like jackets and sweaters.

While Snapdeal’s analysis focused on finding out what people bought from where, there were some other interesting highlights that showed a little more its users like Metro trends

  • Bengaluru stood out for most number of orders that were placed post-midnight

  • Delhi-NCR bought the maximum amount of immunity boosters likely to prepare for the smoggy weeks ahead.

  • Pune  stood out for its large buys for pet supplies

  • Kolkata celebrated in grandeur and bought festive dresses

  • Mumbai geared up to spend Diwali  and holiday season at home with its keen interest in  indoor games like playing cards, monopoly, poker sets

  •  Chennai developed its hobbies for gardening and bought related supplies including seeds,  planters and gardening tools etc.


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