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Advisory against frauds

Beware of fake websites, SMS’s, messages on WhatsApp, facebook posts & pages, calls and emails from unknown people under the name and style of Snapdeal


It has come to our attention that certain scamsters make fictitious offers (eg. “You have won car/cash prize/electronics etc.) through various means (fake websites, SMS’s, WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, calls, and even emails) so as to defraud the customers by inducing them to pay some money immediately before the “offer” or “prize” expires. These payments are sought to be made in cash or into bank accounts controlled by the scamsters and are misappropriated by the scamsters who then abscond with the same.


  • Please be advised that Snapdeal does not run any such scheme and we NEVER call / sms / WhatsApp / email anybody in this regard.
  • Any communication that you may receive in this regard is ALWAYS a fraud attempt.
  • These are fraudulent messages that aim to spread disinformation to people.
  • Snapdeal operates only It has NOT authorized any other website to collect / convey any information or conduct any activities on its behalf.
  • The unauthorized use of Snapdeal’s logo, colors on such sites is illegal and does not create any association with Snapdeal.
  • Never believe or act on any such any messages.
  • Never share any personal information like phone numbers, Aadhaar number and other personal ID details in response to any communication claiming to be from Snapdeal. We never call or message to collect any such details.
  • Never share any financial information like credit / debit card details, wallet details.
  • Never share the CVV number of your card or any OTP that you may receive with regard to your cards / wallets.

Anyone dealing with such fraudster will be doing so at his/her own risk and Snapdeal shall not be held responsible for such loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly.

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