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Snapdeal Online AI Hackathon

With the recent advancements in Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence is disrupting all industries, and E-commerce sector is no exception. We, at Snapdeal, are vigorously implementing state-of-the-art Deep Learning architectures to embed Artificial Intelligence into our products. The diverse nature of the E-commerce sector gives us the opportunity to solve interesting problems around Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

From building Machine Learning models to implementing cutting-edge Deep Learning architectures, the potential of Artificial Intelligence is being truly exploited at Snapdeal.

There are several problems where Deep Learning and Machine Learning is applied at Snapdeal, some of which are:

  • Snapdeal has more than 5 Cr unique products listed on our platform, with thousands of new products being listed every day – How do we ensure that these products comply with Snapdeal’s guidelines?
  • We get tens of crores of visitors every month, who search our catalog every day – How do we ensure that the results are completely personalized to individual needs?
  • E-commerce in India is plagued by severe Fraud – How do we build detection mechanisms such that fraud is minimized?

And there are many, many more problems waiting to be solved. It’s just the beginning of our journey…

Details About the Hackathon:

Thus, We are growing our AI and Machine Learning Team and are looking for super-smart AI experts to join our team.

And for that, we are conducting an AI Hackathon so that you get a glimpse of the real world problems we solve and we get to know you better. This Hackathon will test you on 2 aspects

  1. Understanding of Computer Vision
  2. Understanding of Neural Nets

If you are enthused to solve real-world problems and make a real impact in of the largest e-commerce firms in India, then this hackathon is for you!

Expected Outcome from Hackathon:

  • The winner of the hackathon will win Rs. 50,000/-. The criteria of win is simple, the winner has to beat the algorithm built by the internal team at Snapdeal and the algorithm built by other contestants.
  • Further, there are 2-3 positions which we are recruiting for in the AI team, and you will have the opportunity to directly interview for these positions. But hey, if you beat us, there will hardly be any interview 🙂

Eligibility Criteria & Registration Process

    1. Eligibility for Participation: This hackathon is open to professionals all across the world.
    2. Eligibility for Prize Money: If your solution is best as per judging criteria defined, you get a chance to win Rs. 50,000/-
    3. Eligibility for Interview Call: You will bag interview opportunity if you are living in India, having 2 – 7 years of relevant work experience in the field of AI
    4. To participate in the Hackathon!, register using this Link 
    5. We will select the participants for the final hackathon basis the details provided above.
    6. Registered and Selected Participants will be the sent the Problem Statement and the relevant Data Set over email
    7. Registration is open till 10th of September!
    8. The contest starts on the 10th of September 2018 and you will have 30 days to submit your results.
    9. Entries submitted after the contest is closed, will not be considered.
    10. Since this is a hiring hack, you are expected to solve the problem on your own. Team submissions will not be considered
    11. Multiple IDs of user leads to disqualification from the contest
    12. Participation is free-of-charge
    13. Throughout the hackathon, you are expected to respect fellow hackers and act with high integrity
    14. Snapdeal holds the right to disqualify any participant at any stage of the competition if the participants are deemed to be acting fraudulently

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