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Snapdeal’s “Brand Shield” to help brands fight counterfeits

Online anti-counterfeiting program will help brands report any IP infringement. 1-Click Online Process,1-Day Response time offers fast-track assistance to brands.

Snapdeal, India’s leading online marketplace, has launched “Brand Shield”, an online anti-counterfeiting program to help brands report any instance of counterfeit products being sold on its platform. The program has been designed basis inputs received from various brand owners and is aimed at enabling a structured interaction between the platform and the brand with regard to any IP issues flagged by the brand.

“Brand Shield” offers a simple and online, triple-checkpoint process for brands to report any violation of their intellectual property rights in terms of trademark, copyright, patent or design concerns. Brands can also list specific issues relating to unlawful copying of logos, brand images, design features and packaging.

All that the brands are required to do is to establish their ownership of the Intellectual Property (IP), identify the listing of concern through proof or purchase or other relevant documents and state their claim of infringement in an objective manner.

Designated teams at Snapdeal will review every report of IP infringement submitted through Brand Shield. Upon verification of the accuracy and adequacy of the information provided by the brand, Snapdeal will take down the listing within one business day.

In continuation of current practice, Snapdeal will also continue to delist products / listings in compliance with any directions or orders passed by Courts and other relevant authorities.

“The issue of unscrupulous sellers mis-using online marketplaces to sell fake goods is a global problem. Brand Shield is part of our ongoing initiatives to collaborate with brands owners to combat counterfeits and infringement offences. We are committed to helping the brands protect their rights by making it simple and fast for them to report any instance of counterfeits that may get listed on our marketplace.”

Snapdeal is an online marketplace, which acts as an intermediary connecting buyers and independent third party sellers, who own all the products sold on the platform. Snapdeal expressly prohibits the sale of counterfeit products on its marketplace. Any sellers found in violation are penalized as per the terms of agreements with the sellers and in compliance with the rules governing the use of the marketplace.

More information on Brand Shield is available at

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