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Feel far more accountable and empowered

“Snapdeal gives huge opportunities and great autonomy to execute on cutting edge technology. Recently, there was an urgent requirement to develop an application to optimize the cost of returns. I took up the project and delivered in record time. It was a great challenging experience and taught many lessons like frugality in e-commerce while also honing my technical skills. This new project was a lot more challenging, because of a lot of new things. When I first received it, I thought it was a bit challenging given the fact that the teams were working throughout the country. The whole thing took us 3 weeks. We had to work closely with operations, and supply chain team. 

For me it’s been close to 3 years working with Snapdeal. The most important thing that has contributed to me as a professional is the amount of freedom and ownership that I get towards my product. The energy on the floor is infectious. It drives you to go the extra mile. 

The kind of accelerated learning I get here is amazing. The amount of learning that comes in 6-7 months, you generally will get in 2 years.

It’s continues to be a pretty adventurous journey. I’ve learnt and explored a lot and have made great friends.”

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