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How a seller returned to Snapdeal and achieved massive sales

Here’s the story of Vaibhav Singhal, an entrepreneur from Delhi, who grew his business immensely with Snapdeal. He briefly put his association on hold last year, but then returned to Snapdeal only to achieve massive sales in the last few months.

“I was one of the first to list hardware & tools on Snapdeal”

I started my business in 2004 – a recruitment/placement firm. I ran it until 2009 and then started my own e-commerce website. It could not succeed due to some financial reasons.

Then I started selling indirectly – through other platforms. When Snapdeal introduced the category of Tools & Hardware, I was among the first to list products in it. I used to get 2000-2500 orders a month. At my peak, I was doing 40,000-50,000 orders a month, or roughly Rs. 2.5 crore turnover annually from Snapdeal alone!

“Snapdeal has supported me and continues to do so in many ways”

Snapdeal also gave me a loan of Rs. 25 lakh, and today I get all my payments on time. Snapdeal’s seller panel is very easy to use, in comparison with other platforms. Listing, payments, reports – everything is very easy to do. The Category team supports us in every way and plans everything in advance.

“I had a modest beginning but I achieved great success!”

When I started, I didn’t have a lot of money. With just Rs. 500, I bought my first product, Jackly 32. From there, I reached a stage where I sold 2,00,000 pieces of the product in 5 months! It was a big achievement even for the category. My sales started out with Rs. 1-2 lakh per month and then went up to Rs. 25-30 lakh per month. For a brief period, I put my association with Snapdeal on hold, but resumed soon after.

“I came back to Snapdeal and my sales have increased massively since then.”

After rejoining Snapdeal, I started gaining success quickly. I’ve just looked at the numbers – in the first 20 days of May, my sales have already touched Rs. 12 lakh! I’ve realised that my total sales from all other platforms combined are equal to my sales from Snapdeal.

“Whatever I am today, it’s because of Snapdeal.”

I have done a huge amount of business through Snapdeal. Today I have my own car and house and I’m planning to make a new office with a bigger warehouse. I have full confidence on Snapdeal, that in the future I will do even better business with Snapdeal, expand my team from 1-2 employees to a very big team, and support their entire families.

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