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In the last 30 days, I have achieved Rs. 42 lakhs worth of sales

Continuing with our series highlighting the success of our sellers, we present here the story of Vishal Moradiya from Surat, whose business of sarees has grown massively in the last 30 days, and is benefiting from Snapdeal’s simplified payment policies and excellent account management support.

“Due to a successful start with Snapdeal, I shifted focus to selling online, which now gives me 85% of my sales.”

I started my business of selling sarees and fashion accessories in Surat in 2014, after the birth of my daughter, Gazal, and named it after her. I used to shop from Snapdeal and was curious to understand and learn how it all works. To give it a try, I registered on multiple platforms but got the first response from Snapdeal in July 2015. After a successful journey with Snapdeal, I shifted my focus to online. Now 85% of my business comes from online sales. I’ve now sold exclusively on Snapdeal for almost 3 years!

“In the last 30 days, I’ve done more business than I did during the previous Diwali season!”

When SD+ was stopped, I still decided to continue with Snapdeal. While it was a minor disturbance and I had to train my employees in packaging and dispatch, I had faith in Snapdeal. In the festive season last year, my monthly sales were about Rs. 35-38 lakhs. After that, my sales dropped but I held on. Now, in the last 30 days, I have achieved Rs. 42-45 lakhs worth of sales!

“Snapdeal is transparent & easy to use, and gives me great account support.”

Snapdeal is more transparent than other platforms – it shows all the information in the payment panel & return panel for me to see easily. Moreover, Snapdeal allows me to raise a dispute on returns for 7 days – this option is not given by other platforms. Snapdeal’s account managers have been very cooperative and give me great support!

“The payment system has been simplified and improved considerably in the last few months.”

In the last few months, Snapdeal has improved its payment cycle. Now I get payments daily instead of weekly. It’s also hassle-free now, as the payments come after the TrustPay cycle is over, which means returns are already accounted for. Earlier, there used to be separate entries for orders and returns, sometimes in different payment cycles, making it difficult for us to tally. The new system has made it easier for me to pay my suppliers.

“I plan to double my business this year.”

I plan to introduce new designs this Diwali and more than double my business this year. Given a choice between Snapdeal and other platforms, I am more willing to put in effort and work with Snapdeal to meet targets, since Snapdeal is the one that gave my business the initial start-up boost.

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