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In 9 months, I went from ZERO to a monthly sale of Rs. 12 lakh on Snapdeal!

The story of every seller on Snapdeal is unique, but what is common is their entrepreneurial spirit, drive and passion to succeed. Read below the story of Pratibha Luthra, who started her business a mere 9 months ago and has seen a phenomenal rise in sales through Snapdeal.

I started with 50 products on Snapdeal, now I have 500!

When I started my business in September 2017, it was at a very small scale – the investment was only Rs. 1 -1.5 lakh. I deal in cosmetics, and when I started, I had very few products in my inventory – just 50 products on Snapdeal and now I have 500 products! The sale is very good.

Registration was a breeze thanks to Snapdeal’s support

Online registration was very easy. We just had to get a GST number and some other things. Snapdeal helped me with that as well, including what documents I’ll need and it was a very easy step that took me only a few minutes.

In less than a year, I’ve reached monthly sales of Rs. 10-12 lakh on Snapdeal!

In September last year, I started with a small investment of Rs. 1-1.5 lakh. I worked on increasing my business in a very serious manner and as a result, in January, I reached a peak of Rs. 7-8 lakhs worth of sales. Now I’m doing about Rs. 10-12 lakh per month! I hope it increases further day by day.

I get daily payments from Snapdeal, and a lot of assistance on how to increase my business

I work with other portals as well, and we get payments weekly, i.e. four times a month. Snapdeal also used to do the same. But now, Snapdeal gives payments regularly every day – from Monday to Friday. Snapdeal team has helped me a lot with cataloguing also – how to do listing, which prices need to be updated etc. They are regularly in touch with me. Whenever I have a query, I just raise it with the team and it gets resolved as soon as possible. Instead of sticking to certain brands, Snapdeal always motivates me to explore and add more brands. That affects sales quite a lot – I get good sales because I have a range of brands.

My success rate with Snapdeal is quite high

It’s been less than a year since I started my business. If I look at my achievement in these few months, the success rate is quite high, so I like Snapdeal a lot. I’m adding more brands – I want to give even more brands to Snapdeal. I wish to have my own cosmetics brand in the future.

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