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I am proud to be a part of the Snapdeal growth story

My journey with Snapdeal started in 2012. This was my second assignment in the corporate world. I had no idea that this was going to be one of the best experiences of my life. I was driven by an idea, a sense of purpose that the founders wanted to build. My meeting with the team inspired an ardent desire to be a part of this startup story. A story that is now mine forever.

One of the finest things that I really respected about Snapdeal even in the startup days was the entrepreneurial environment. Each team member in the organization is aligned with the goals and purpose of the Business. Being a young energetic professional, I wanted to lay a strong foundation for my career in the initial years. I am so glad that I invested the most precious 5 years at Snapdeal. Each day has been so hands-on with so many learnings and experiences doing quality work, that I couldn’t have asked for more.

I joined the content team and was soon managing a team of 30 content writers. I don’t think any other company could have instilled that confidence in a colleague in such a short tenure. As the company went through its various Business changes, I was given the responsibility of managing a completely new category that was one of its first in the industry. It is amazing to recall the vision and sharp focus on the strategy the leadership has always had. The ability to envision, the strong belief in the team and the perseverance to build something new has always been awe-inspiring at Snapdeal. I feel so proud to have been part of this growth journey.

As the Business expanded, Snapdeal was on its path to inviting Brands to be part of the marketplace. This was an entirely new experience for me where I was now working with the big brands enabling strategic partnerships. The learning curve was steep but we were on a trajectory that we set for ourselves that had no precedents. We had to carve the path afresh on our own! The one year I spent in this role was so enriching. I was now working with a niche segment, very different in dynamics from local and regional players.

In 2017, I had to part ways with Snapdeal. I joined a Dubai headquartered organization to set up content management for their India operations. A great opportunity indeed! But my heart continued to be in Snapdeal. I was in touch with my ex-colleagues and friends and was eagerly awaiting an opportunity to come back. I joined back this year and to my delight, a lot had changed but the parts that I held most close to my heart- the motivation, drive, philosophy, and pride continue to be the same.

I am working with a completely new team and new category but the passion continues to be the same. It’s kind of infectious. The culture invites new ideas, gives the freedom to take calculated risks, experiment, innovate and discover. Working with such sharp minds in such an energetic and dynamic environment, Snapdeal has taught me to believe in self to reach out for the impossible. I am who I am today because of Snapdeal. I have learned that if you have the vision and right strategy in place, all that is needed is hard work and perseverance to win Big. I am proud to be a part of this growth story, again!

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