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Snapdeal has given purpose and meaning to what I love doing the most

My journey with Snapdeal began in December 2014. I joined the technology team and soon moved to the customer experience technology support team. This was my second company after my graduation- a welcome change as I geared up for a transition to a company that was on a super fast growth path. I used to enjoy shopping on Snapdeal and an opportunity to join the team excited me. Little did I know that this roller coaster ride was going to get so addictive that I would feel incomplete without it!

At Snapdeal, there is so much to learn and explore every day. The team spirit here makes you learn for more. I enjoy the problem-solving attitude and the accountability that each one of us takes for what we do. The contentment that I experience when I see my project delivering the value it was built for is unimaginable. Snapdeal has given purpose and meaning to what I love doing the most.

At Snapdeal we work like entrepreneurs. With all the tools available, we have the freedom to experiment and bring the best ideas to the table. The best part is the acknowledgment that comes along the way. I have won 5 quarterly awards and a Rockstar award in the last 3.5 years.

The ‘Chai pe Charcha’ with the founders is an experience in itself. There is an instant connection when you talk to them. The humility with which they embrace new perspectives, ideas, thoughts is inspiring. The environment is cool and relaxed but sharply focused on the goals.

I parted ways with Snapdeal in February 2018 to explore new opportunities. Within a month, I was missing the rigor, pace, and purpose. It felt like I was drifting away from what I liked about my work. I joined back Snapdeal in July 2018. The joy of purpose, learning each day, and doing meaningful work is my way of being that I feel incomplete without!

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