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At 27 years, Snapdeal is helping me live my dream!

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam famously said, “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.

In this post, we bring you an incredibly inspiring story of Neha Jaiswal who never stopped dreaming and made her passion for quality cosmetics into a thriving business. From days, when it was hard for her family to find ways to earn a meal, she is now doing a business of over Rs 32 Lakh in a month from Snapdeal. Neha started her business in partnership with her younger sister Pooja and listed on Snapdeal in Jan 2018. Within a few hours of their listing, they had received 16 orders. They started the business operating from home. Today they have an office and a warehouse with a packaging team of 6 people.

A humble start 

We had a very humble beginning of our lives. There were times when the family had to find ways to earn a meal. My father ran a shop and my mother started tailoring so that she could put together money for our education. Life had always been a struggle. We never stopped dreaming and kept going with a hope to be able to set it all right once we grow up.

I made my passion for quality cosmetics my business

I completed my MBA a couple of years back and started to look out for jobs. In the interviews, I realized that if I have to work that hard to get a fixed monthly income, I could earn so much more if I put in the same amount of work to build something of my own. I decided to channelize my passion to make a business. 40K was all that I had to invest as capital. I tried with bringing in products that were new in India but a rave in the UK. I wanted to set up a company in the online space and in partnership with my younger sister. One of my friends recommended Snapdeal for a promising platform. I took some time on other portals but came to Snapdeal in January 2018. This was the turning point in my business and the journey has been wonderful since then.

Within a few hours of going live on Snapdeal, I had 16 orders

The first day my products were online, I received 16 orders. I was overwhelmed by the response I got in less than 24 hours. This was so encouraging! I got the confidence to scale as I knew I had a strong backing now. In 6 months of our partnership, I am now processing average 500 orders on a usual day. My day begins with logging onto the Snapdeal panel to check the number of orders so that I can plan my day ahead.

Account Managers are our backbone

We couldn’t have imagined scaling so fast and high had the account manager not worked so hard with us. They actually help us navigate competition. They work as business partners. They are up to date on fashion and buying trends and are well equipped to tell us what new products to add to our assortment.

Snapdeal payments are honest and transparent

The seller portal is user-friendly that every information is just a click away. Payments are clear and streamlined. There are no hidden charges. It’s all transparent and honest. This is a big reason that we have been able to build an efficient process flow.

At 27 yrs, Snapdeal is enabling me to live my dreams

The financial constraints in my family have been very harsh. Our mother sacrificed everything to ensure her daughters do not face the same hardships and could stand up on their feet. Today we do a business in lakhs every month! I started the business operating from home. Today we have an office and a warehouse with a packaging team of 6 people. We have our brand in the market that people look out for. While this gives me a lot of contentment and peace, I have a long road ahead. We are working hard to gift our mother the only dream she has ever had- to own a house in Mumbai! This is our aspiration and Snapdeal has laid a strong foundation to enable us to reach there soon.

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