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The best is yet to come!

I joined Snapdeal in 2013 when it was launching new initiatives for easy registration and on-boarding of sellers. This was my first assignment after college. I was excited to be part of a journey that was committed to making a mark in the E-commerce space.  I still recall the pace with which we had worked. It was exciting and heartening to see everything that we had been planning, testing, executing come together. A team that started with just one person, grew to more than 800 people within 16 months!

Working with some of the best minds in the industry at Snapdeal has been very inspiring for me. I have gathered that nothing is impossible if one has their mind and heart at the right place. Laser sharp focus on the goal, taking calculated risks, exploring new ideas unperturbed by failures, the preciseness of execution, celebrating the small and big wins, has been the way of working here. It is amazing to see how everyone comes together to resolve challenges irrespective of the domain they work in. Leaders respect opinions and perspectives and are always open to new ideas and suggestions. The energy around is so positive that it never lets you give up.

The leaders have helped me identify my strengths and hone my skills. It’s a great feeling to be always recognised for the hard work. Working with Snapdeal has not only helped me grow as a professional but has also given me a solid opportunity to evolve my interpersonal skills. My family, and particularly my mother feels proud as they have witnessed this transition in me right in front of them, and in such a short time.

The belief that the ‘best is yet to come’ is the true spirit at Snapdeal and I am glad to be part of this journey!

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