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The Positive Energy at Snapdeal is Infectious

Before joining Snapdeal, I had been a flying crew in the aviation industry for more than a decade. My son was growing up and being away from home for days together was getting tough on the both of us. I decided to change tracks and started my amazing journey with Snapdeal in 2015.

At Snapdeal, the first thing I noticed is that everyone works as an entrepreneur.  The zeal, commitment, and drive are reflected in the energy around. The open environment makes it easy for team members coming from diverse industries to share their thoughts and ideas. Opportunities are open for everyone, irrespective of the educational background or experience. I came from the hospitality industry but my ideas and opinions have always been welcome. I was recently awarded for ideating and executing a new initiative successfully.

The culture respects the personal space of every individual and that enables us to have a healthy work-life balance. Being a single parent, managing work and family has not been easy, but thanks to the team support here, I have been able to do justice to both. I am able to manage my responsibilities towards my son without compromising my focus on goals.  The positivity around is precious to me.

I am happy to have found this warm and nurturing workplace where people are passionate about the meaningful work they do every day. It is heartening to work with a company that connects to not just its team but also the family.  A note from the founders to the family appreciating our efforts and sharing important business developments, a letter and bouquet on promotion has been Snapdeal’s way of connecting with our families and making them feel important contributors to our success. I still recall the letter that was sent home during Diwali sales, that explained why we were needed for extended hours at work in those weeks. The note was sweet and reassuring. It feels special to be part of such a supportive and warm work environment that you want to give the best you can even beyond your goals.

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