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Snapdeal has given me a lot of Encouragement and Support

I lost my father at a very early age, and my grandfather has been taking care of our family since then. He had retired as the headmaster of a government school. His modest pension was all we had to support our family and take care of the expenses. Finances were tight and I waited all through my childhood years to start earning so that I could share responsibilities with him.  Soon after I completed my graduation, I was raring to go. Too restless to wait for the campus placements, I decided to visit the Snapdeal office for a walk-in-interview for openings in the customer service team. I was glad that I did so, as there was something that just felt right when I went through the interview rounds meeting the Snapdeal team. I was excited and anxious to know what was in store as I stepped up to take up my first assignment in the corporate world at Snapdeal in 2014.

I had always aspired to be a part of a big company that could give me opportunities and a solid platform to take off in my career. I was eager to learn and master my tasks so that I could start to work independently without supervision. I worked diligently, took very few leaves and would always reach office a couple of hours before my shift time. I wanted to amass as much knowledge as I could so that I could be ahead of the curve and my peers.  I was soon able to learn the nuances of what it takes for a high CSAT.

Snapdeal has given me a lot of encouragement and support. The best part of being a part of the Snapdeal team is that I am recognized for who I am. There is a special bond that the colleagues share that goes layers deeper than just working together. The leaders are mentors who not only nurture your skills but also support and give you the space to evolve as an individual.

With Snapdeal, I have been able to find my happy self. Working with the inspiring leaders at Snapdeal has helped me have a vision in life. I am confident of who I am and know that anything is possible to achieve if you put your mind and heart in the right place.  I feel content when I see the pride in my grandfather’s smile as he talks about my accomplishments to friends and family. This is the most precious gift I have been able to gift my family since my journey with Snapdeal began!

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