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In the last 7 months, my business has grown by 3X with Snapdeal

In this post, we bring to you the inspiring story of Mr. Sunil Kumar who has benefitted massively by selling on Snapdeal. We are happy that Sunil’s business has done sales of over Rs 2.5 crore from Snapdeal in a single year. His sales from Snapdeal has grown by over 3x in the last 7 months. Read his complete story in his own words.
I had always wanted to do something different
I couldn’t continue my studies after 12th. I was anxious to find my place in this big competitive world.  My father suggested that I join the family business. Our 20-year-old offline business was being operated out of a small shop in the local market. We are wholesale sellers of kids wear.  I started assisting my father at the shop. Given the nature of the business, we would sit for 10 hours at the shop and have only 1-2 buyers walking in every day. With an ardent desire to do something more meaningful and fulfilling, I was determined to build something of my own. Something that could give me an independent identity.

I started my business with zero capital
I registered on Snapdeal in December 2014. The process was easy and swift. It took me 15-20 minutes to fill in the details. I took a picture of a product with my mobile and uploaded it. Within 3-4 days, my product was live and I was a seller on Snapdeal! I had zero capital to invest. I did not want to take any financial help from friends or family, I started to list products from my current stock. Starting with one order a day,  the numbers continued to increase steadily.

In the last 7 months, my business has grown by 3X with Snapdeal
The category manager worked closely to help me understand the nuances of selling online. They gave me insights on what kind of products to list, the trending styles, managing inventory, and planning promotions.  In the Diwali season, we started processing 500 orders a day! In a year’s time, I had done INR 2.5 crore of sales.  What started as an exploratory business for me soon became a very critical part of our family income. Within a couple of months of starting my business, I was able to take over the home loan repayment responsibility of our family for a house we bought just before I partnered with Snapdeal. Being the youngest of the three brothers, I couldn’t have asked for more!

Snapdeal has given me the conviction to see my dreams as goals
The Snapdeal team has worked hard to make my private label, Tiny Toon a known brand in the country. Today, my brand is my identity and pride! I am grateful to Snapdeal for giving me a platform to live my dreams. Their partnership not only gave me the wings to fly but also enabled me to build a sturdy foundation for my business. I had started as a trader when I entered the online space, but today I also design and have a manufacturing unit.  While the numbers reflect the success of my entrepreneurial journey, the biggest achievement for me till date has been to make my parents proud. My partnership with Snapdeal has been very empowering. My aspirations have now become my goals and I am confident of achieving them soon.
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