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Snapdeal inspires confidence in the workplace with its energy and purpose

I was born and brought up in Jamshedpur. My father is a teacher and my mom a home maker. I grew up in a very open yet disciplined environment. My parents gave me the freedom to explore what I wanted to do in life. I pursued fine arts, learnt playing tabla and got my certification from Prayag Sangeet Samiti. I was average in studies until a teacher changed my outlook towards academics. She nurtured my curiosity and gave me the confidence to analyse what I read. I started to like my subjects and was eager to learn more! This new found fondness helped me with high grades through secondary school and entrance exams. I joined IIT Kharagpur in 2012, a dream that was very close to my mother.

After having explored my interest in research, I got an opportunity to join the Snapdeal analytics team in March 2018. There was an instant welcoming connect as I went through the multiple rounds of interviews. Given the diverse background I came from, I was overwhelmed by the positive and encouraging environment at Snapdeal. The seniors gave me the time and space to understand the domain well. I found comfort in an environment that was focussed on the goals giving enough flexibility to choose a path to achieve them.  There are no hard coded rules or SOPs that are defined or expected to be followed. We work at finding a solution to the problem statement and focus on the quality of the outcome.

It is a pleasure to be with like minded people at work. The leaders don’t micromanage and give the right amount of support and care to foster our strengths.  They are great at seeing the good things in people.  One of the unique things at Snapdeal is the connect the founders have with the team. They are approachable anytime and welcome ideas and thoughts with an open mind. They value the uniqueness each team member brings to the table. I am glad to be a part of this team that always inspires confidence with its energy and purpose.

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