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My Business has grown by more than 300% in last 2 years with Snapdeal

John D. Rockefeller rightly said, “Do not be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”. A thought truly lived by one of our enterprising sellers Mr. Ram Kishore. Unperturbed by changing circumstances, he started his career from scratch. He worked his way up with undeterred hardwork, honesty, and integrity. After 10 years of working for a brand in the retail sector, he decided to take the big leap and set up his own company. The Snapdeal seller shares his story of pride and ambition with us. He was recently acknowledged as one of the top sellers in the watches category. The Snapdeal Platinum Seller Excellence Certificate awarded to him is an attestation of his success and acknowledgement of his genuineness as he carves out his path in the entrepreneurial world with Snapdeal with a dream to make it big.

A fresh start helped me understand the industry well

I got married when I was 20 years old. With marriage came a huge responsibility to get settled in my career and in a stable way.  Soon after my graduation, I attempted many entrance exams. With the hope to clear one of them, I shifted to Delhi with my wife. Destiny had other plans. While I was exploring alternatives, I got an opportunity to join a renowned watches brand. I did not carry any prior working experience and started as a fresher. A fresh start helped me understand the industry well.  I was fortunate to have established  a strong and promising network in the industry which became the stepping stone to one of my biggest career moves.

The government campaign to be a job-creator instead of a job-seeker inspired me

After working in the corporate sector for 10 years, I decided to change gears. The government campaign to move from job- seekers to job-creator somehow rang a bell and I was motivated to act on it. I set up my company along with my full time job so that the finances do not take a hit. With one team member and a help, I registered my company in 2016. We set up a website and started to sell online. The movement was slow but I could foresee success in the long term if done the right way. My professional network recommended that I register on Snapdeal as they had experienced success working with them.

We recorded a sales of Rs 68 lakhs within 4 months of selling on Snapdeal  

I registered with Snapdeal in November 2016 and uploaded a few SKUs.  Trust of my family and credit support from my dealers network gave me the courage to take the leap as I quit my job and moved to do business full time. The smooth registration and the easy uploading process on the Snapdeal portal was very encouraging. Within 4 months of registering on the site, we recorded a sales of Rs 68 lakhs!

These numbers changed the world of entrepreneurship for me. I was hopeful that with the support that I got from Snapdeal and my focus on increasing assortment, we could make it big. I have ensured that we only sell genuine and authentic branded products. Our success attested by the customer ratings on the portal have ensured we get prime placement on the site. In 2017-18, our sales grew to Rs 3.75 crores with more than 80% contributions coming from Snapdeal.

Snapdeal’s seller portal is simple and easy to work with
Snapdeal with its simplicity of working has been a great platform for people like me. The simple registration process and efficient uploading of products sent out very positive vibes as we put our first foot forward. With no business background, Snapdeal helped me at every step and enabled my seamless transition to a successful businessman. The category managers guided me at every step and ensured we bring out the best.

Snapdeal Platinum Seller Excellence Certificate is an attestation of our focus on the right things

With the trust that Snapdeal inspired in me, I was recently awarded the Snapdeal Platinum Seller Excellence Certificate. This token of appreciation is an acknowledgment of our genuineness that we strive hard for. A moment of great pride- this gesture has motivated us to work harder to retain our position as a top seller in the category. The recognition has ushered in new aspiration for our business as we are confident of taking it to far greater heights now.
We are now looking forward to launching a brand of our own and be able to write a new success story for our business with Snapdeal.
It takes less than 10 minutes to register your business with Snapdeal. To register on Snapdeal visit

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