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I am Snapdeal!

I completed my schooling and graduation from Chandbali, a small old town in the Bhadak district of Odisha. I had always dreamt of joining the Indian Army right through my childhood years. I trained hard to be fit and maintained a strict exercise regimen.  But destiny had a different plan for me. My father was a 4th grade government employee. Our studies and marriage of 2 sisters had taken a big toll on our financials. While I really wanted to chase my dreams, I realised I had a bigger responsibility back at home.  Hoping to find a job, I moved to Delhi in 2007 and found an opportunity with a leading telecommunications company as a billing executive. I worked in this capacity for 5 years. The clock was ticking but things had become stagnant.

I learnt about opportunities at Snapdeal through a friend. I applied and got shortlisted to join as an Executive in 2012. I love the work environment at Snapdeal. It is a great boost to one’s confidence when you work in a company where everyone is respected for who they are. We work together as a team. Snapdeal has nurtured me to bring out my best. It feels awesome to have the conviction to be able to walk up to your seniors and peers with opinions, new ideas and perspectives. The workplace is a reservoir of knowledge and a great platform for mutual learning. It has been great to work with a company that is full of energy, undeterred by challenges and always standing strong. I look forward to coming to office everyday. In the last 7 years, I have hardly taken any leaves.

Snapdeal leadership inspires one to be ambitious, and at the same time be humble of their achievements. Our team interactions are mostly about finding a solution to a problem and never the problem itself.  This outlook has taught me to look for good in every situation. I am now trying to learn the art of problem solving. The leaders acknowledge hard work often and encourage to raise our own benchmarks. I am delighted of the fact that  I was recently awarded and promoted to the post of Assistant Manager. My family shares this joy! Everyone can see the energy in my voice when I talk about Snapdeal at home.  I am Snapdeal and I am proud to be a part of this unique journey to success.

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