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I am growing everyday with Snapdeal!

I did my schooling from Jabalpur and moved to Delhi 8 years ago to pursue Engineering from IIT Delhi. Inspired by the entrepreneurs in the e-commerce world, working in the technology industry was an aspiration for us in college. In the last semester, I got shortlisted for a product management role in a MobileApp startup and my professional journey started in 2015.  While it was a good learning experience, there was much more I yearned for.  I wanted to be a part of a brand that had a vision and a purpose. A call from the Snapdeal HR team a year back opened a new world of opportunities for me and I joined the user growth team at Snapdeal in February 2018. The work culture at Snapdeal is quite amazing. I felt the connect on the first day itself. I love what I do here. Working with like minded people across business teams is a great learning curve. The cross functional learning enables one to think and connect with the business far beyond the KRAs.

Within 5 months of joining the team, I was given the responsibility to lead a critical project. It was heartening to experience the trust and the belief that the leadership entrusted on me. I could have never imagined to lead a team within 3 years of joining the corporate world. Snapdeal gave me the conviction to do so. I was allowed time to soak in the learnings, make mistakes, learn from them and evolve! The leaders worked closely like mentors as I worked hard to understand the business better. This project was very different from the experience I had in my previous role. A shift from a B2C to a B2B model was very intriguing.  The opportunity gave me the confidence to look beyond what I know. It has been a great hands-on learning experience with peers and leaders always around to support.

Snapdeal has helped me grow not just as a professional but also as a person.  It is wonderful to experience how Snapdeal inculcates the values of humility, respect and righteousness in everything we do.  Everyone in the company is valued for who they are irrespective of the background they come from. Leaders inspire you to be humble and modest. It is great to be a part of a company that is aggressively marching towards ambitious goals but at the same time humble and well rooted when celebrating success.

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