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Snapdeal empowered me to be the businesswoman I am today!

In this post, we bring to you the story of a 40-year-old homemaker who stood strong in the face of adversities and showcased the courage to rewrite what she thought was her destiny. Bringing to you the story of a Snapdeal seller, Ms. Urmila Devi who did not let her limitations come in the way of her entrepreneurial journey. She embraced the idea of setting up an online business with open arms and dared to lead the business bringing along her uniqueness in the way the business operates. Her home decor and party accessories business on Snapdeal is her pride. She selects every product that she lists online with a promise to provide quality and value for money. A recent recipient of the Snapdeal Seller Excellence Gold Award, this Snapdeal seller is an inspiration to many. 

Snapdeal showed me a new world of opportunities

I have been a proud home maker all these years. I never had the time or the mind to think beyond my household responsibilities, which have always been involving and very satisfying for me. My husband worked as an accountant in a real estate firm and that was the only source of income for our family. Everything was fine, till around 2015 – 16 when the slow down in the real estate industry started to affect his company. It hit us badly financially too. With growing children and increasing expenses, it was important for us to gear up and find alternative sources of income. This was the moment when I decided to step in and help my husband. It was my nephew who suggested that we start an online business as it came with limited investments. I was familiar with online shopping but it never struck me that I could be on the other side too. Business was going to be a completely new world for me. it was a big step as I couldn’t even attend school after class 2. I was sure that this is what I needed to do, With my husband’s support and encouragement, I decided to take the plunge and started my company. Our friends in the neighbourhood who had been already selling online recommended that we first start on Snapdeal. We applied for a TIN and registered with Snapdeal in October 2016. This was the turning point in our lives.

Doing business on Snapdeal is simple!

Our friends suggested Snapdeal because of the simplicity with which the marketplace operates. The smooth and quick listing process gave me the confidence and assurance that I was on the right path. The sellers help team was there for us whenever we had any questions or doubts. I learnt the basics of doing business online from them. As we tried many different kinds of products, we learnt what could sell well and at what price points. The entire learning process helped me understand the finer points. We understood the importance of the right assortment and quality to grow our business. Till date, I select every item that is uploaded online. It is the uniqueness that I bring to my business. The easy technology at Snapdeal changed our lives forever.

Good customer ratings are important for a successful business on Snapdeal

The best part of doing business on Snapdeal is the positive impact customer ratings have on our business growth. Customers look for value for money in genuine products. This was one of the first few learnings when we partnered with Snapdeal. We started with a limited assortment of 7-8 products and today we have more than 700 products live on the site and this continues to increase. The entire business runs on a very smooth backend process. New products are taken live within 30 minutes of uploading and orders start trickling in on the same day.

Fast track payments on Snapdeal equipped us with a rotating capital that we could invest

The payments at Snapdeal are quick and accurate. This has really helped us manage our capital and invest better. When we started off, we had very little money to invest. It was difficult to plan long term as the cash flow was limited. Working with Snapdeal helped us plan our financials better. The smooth process allows us to know what to expect and when at any given point in time.

My Business has grown by 300% in the last 1 year with Snapdeal!

We started small. But the right choice of products and assortment started to reflect on our growth numbers. We have been shipping 450 orders on average every month on Snapdeal. It felt unreal to be able to do so much business sitting in my room. I had the flexibility to work at my pace and time and this was very important for me. Over time, my husband also quit his job and joined me in the business. My business that started from a small room is now catering to customers from across the country, especially south and north east India. It is exciting when I pack and ship my products to Meghalaya, Sikkim, Nagaland and such places. The strong delivery network of Snapdeal took our brand to places we could have never imagined to reach.

Snapdeal Seller Excellence Gold Award is an acknowledgement of my success as a Businesswoman

This was the first certificate or accolade that I ever received in my life. With no education or business background, having a career was never on the cards. I had never looked beyond my household responsibilities. Snapdeal opened the doors to a new world for me. My Business has taken off well and is doing great. We are a brand now that resonates well with people. I am 40 years old. Snapdeal has reinstated my belief that if you have the right mindset and the commitment to chase your dreams, there is literally nothing that can limit your success. Snapdeal empowered me to be the businesswoman I am today!

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