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The work environment at Snapdeal is very liberating

I moved to Delhi from Rampur, my hometown in Uttar Pradesh, right after graduation. I didn’t come with a plan but wanted to do something meaningful. While higher studies were an option, it was important for me to take up an assignment to take care of my daily expenses. I appeared for a walk -in-interview in a telecommunications company and got shortlisted for the position of an associate. I was excited to take my first step into the corporate world. This was a great opportunity to kickstart my professional journey. Over the year, I changed gears and entered the E-commerce industry. Curious to learn,  I started from scratch and worked hard to understand the categories and nuances of the industry closely.

I was thrilled to get a call from Snapdeal with an opportunity in the Business team. Delighted to be a part of one of the leading e-commerce companies of the country, my journey with Snapdeal has been very special. The work environment at Snapdeal is very liberating. It is a fine blend of flexibility and focus that is comforting to work in, yet performance and goal oriented.  Learning at Snapdeal is not just limited to your KRAs. The teams across all verticals are focussed and passionate to build something big together. The best part of the work culture at Snapdeal is the space that allows learning through practice and discovery. There are no defined paths that need to be followed to achieve the goals. The leaders work like mentors. They encourage curiosity, questions and perspectives. They lead by example thereby inculcating it in the way the organisation works. It is inspiring to work with such great minds who are humble and modest as people but are proud of the work that they do. Respect is one of the core values that is inherently weaved into the pulse of the company. I feel valued for who I am and what I do here. Its empowering when you feel that you matter.

With Snapdeal, I am a more evolved person now. Its heartening when my parents feel that I have grown up and can now shoulder their responsibilities. Sincerity and maturity are a part of me that give me the confidence to take ownership. Snapdeal has given me one of the biggest learnings of my life– to never quit! I have learnt that no matter what the adversities are, if you believe you are on the right path and are consistent in the hard work you do, there is nothing that cannot be overcome. Perseverance defines success at Snapdeal. Here, I have got a strong foundation and a springboard from which I can only go higher as a professional. I am glad to be a part of them.

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