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Snapdeal has enabled me to help my family grow financially | Seller Review

Bringing to you an inspiring story of a mompreneur whose drive and zeal to lead an independent life made her a successful business woman she is today. She did not get deterred by the challenges life threw at her right after she got married. Instead, she took the situation in her stride and worked hard to set up a business she could operate from home and enable her family come out of financial distress without challenging the traditions of her new family. It is heartening to hear this Snapdeal seller’s story of courage and empowerment that brought her the success she truly deserves.

Starting of a journey that was to change my life forever
I moved to Delhi from my hometown Saharanpur when I was just 20 years old. I wanted to experience life in a metro city and explore options for my career development. I took up a course in hospitality and made this the excuse for my shift. My parents supported my dream to live an independent life.  I took up a job in a BPO for a couple of years and enjoyed my stint.  I found my love in the same company and soon got married. As soon as I got married, I got to know about the unstable financial position of the new family. This was concerning but I decided to step up and support my husband. Undeterred by my in-laws objection, I convinced my husband to help me find an opportunity that I could work on from home. We researched and found E-commerce to be a very lucrative opportunity. This was a new world for me as neither of us had a business background. We took a leap of faith and registered ourselves on Snapdeal. Little did we know that this was the starting point of a journey that was going to change our lives forever!

Snapdeal has been the most supportive business partner for us
We started with uploading 10-15 products in deodorants and perfume category.  Snapdeal gave us the confidence that we could scale this. Their support was very critical for a business that was taking its first step. There were questions, doubts, unpredictability and anxiety but Snapdeal’s belief in our aspirations gave us the conviction. It really matters when you can hold a hand and move forward on a road you have no idea about. Snapdeal has been that friend for us. They work like guides who are closely tracking our business performance. Anytime the sales show a downward trend, we receive a call advising on the next steps and planning campaigns to accelerate numbers. Over the years, our assortment has extended to categories like cosmetics, beauty and hair. Today, we have more than 500 products listed on the site.

Our business has witnessed a steady growth with Snapdeal
We had started the business from scratch when we started working with Snapdeal. With guidance and persistent hard work, our business has been on a steady growth trajectory. In the last one year, there has been a 122% increase in the number of orders we process on Snapdeal.

Prompt and timely payments from Snapdeal have made our working capital cycles predictable
Snapdeal has a fair and transparent payment process and this has been one of the most important reasons for our success. With limited money to invest to start our business, the prompt payments from Snapdeal gave us the working capital to reinvest. The transparent portal reflects the exact due amount and the expected day of credit. Never in the last 5 years have we had to follow up. It is a delightful experience to see the expected amount reflecting in the account on the exact date. This predictability helped us manage our funds better to scale the business.

The Snapdeal Seller Excellence Award is a stamp of my accomplishment
The certificate award from Snapdeal gave me the confidence that all my efforts in these years have been in the right direction. It is an attestation of my belief of who I am and what I want to be. I have worked hard to ensure that we sell only quality products and this effort has been recognized by Snapdeal.  Snapdeal has empowered me with the platform to fulfill all my dreams that I have for myself and my family.

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