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Snapdeal opened up a new world for me and taught me to aim high

I moved to Delhi from Dhanbad to pursue an MBA. Snapdeal was a challenging but exciting opportunity for me. It opened up a new world for me and taught me to aim high. The freedom to think and define your path to reach the goal has inspired me to think like an entrepreneur. It is empowering when you know that your perspective and opinion is valued and welcomed with an open mind. The support I get in making my ideas go live motivates me to go the extra mile every day. The leaders provide all the support that it takes to make your idea live. It really motivates you to go beyond the benchmarks you set for yourself when you know your efforts will be acknowledged.

Snapdeal has taught me the value of simplicity. I realized that keeping calm in complex situations enables you to focus in the right direction and invites support from everywhere. This has been one of the biggest learnings of my life. This is a place where I have been able to find the perfect balance between my personal and professional life and this is really precious to me. It is energizing to work with smart and passionate people who are committed to a purpose. I feel the positivity all around and it’s amazing this positivity goes home too.

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