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Our sales have grown to Rs 2.5 crore in the last 1 year with Snapdeal

Bringing to you the story of Mr. Sahil Arora who worked hard to translate his love for fashion into a sturdy Business. This energetic entrepreneur started his career by joining his father’s iron and steel business but soon ventured out with a quest to build his own identity and name. He dared to move out of his comfort zone and started as a Distributor before his next plunge to join E-commerce. This Snapdeal seller’s zeal is an inspiration to many.

A journey that translated my passion to a Business

2008 was when I completed my graduation and joined my father’s TMT manufacturing business. I worked with him for 3-4 years and was inspired to do something of my own. There was a deep desire to build my own identity and make a name for myself. Fashion had always been my interest and I thought to pursue this line to build a business.

I moved to Chandigarh and started to work as a distributor. I invested 3-4 years in building something concrete but the hard work and efforts put in to overcome the challenges of the nature of the business was limiting my growth. The impact of running an unorganised business was making my business stagnant. I knew this was not scalable and something more meaningful and sturdy had to be worked out. My friends suggested that I build an online business. I was tempted to explore this opportunity as I knew that the backend operations would then be managed by a more established and structured platform. It was important for me to spend my time and focus to grow the business.  I researched and registered my business on Snapdeal in 2013.

Snapdeal has made my business a Brand

My journey with Snapdeal started on a very encouraging note. As soon as I registered my account, I received a call from the Sellers Help team who guided me right from scratch. It has been great to find a business partner who is committed to grow my business strategically and in an organised manner.  The team worked hard and guided me through the nuances. Right from the shoot angles for better visibility to changing trends and season promotions, I was given all the support to make a brand that people would love to buy from.  I have continued to work diligently with them and my business has been on a steady growth track.

The payment structure at Snapdeal has enabled a seamless flow of finances

While I work with many other portals, I have found Snapdeal to be the best platform to work on. My orders have never been stuck and my payments have been seamlessly credited. This has gone a long way in building our confidence on Snapdeal.  We started from 10-15 orders a day on Snapdeal and today process more than 250 orders on any given day. With great support from the Snapdeal team, our turnover has grown from thousands to lakhs to crores. In the last one year our Snapdeal sales revenue touched 2.5 crores!

Snapdeal empowered me with an identity!

Snapdeal has enabled me to translate my passion for Fashion to a Business that has given me an identity. I have now been able to expand my team to include 35 karigars who work closely with me to bring in new designs and variety in our assortment. Together with Snapdeal we have set out on a journey to build something solid. This for us is just the beginning!

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