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Snapdeal has empowered our business to reach Tier2-3 cities

Bringing to you an inspiring story of Hyderabad based Snapdeal sellers who dared to move beyond their comfort space to fulfil their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. Their journey was not simple but their commitment and zeal empowered them to overcome all obstacles and become successful businessmen. 

Snapdeal powered the switch from chai time chats to a registered business 

We have known each other for more than 15 years. Our journey together began when we started working for the same IT company, and we soon became friends. Over time we discovered a collective dream for both of us to step out of employment and start our own business. We had an ardent desire to become entrepreneurs and often chatted about it during our chai catch ups. While we aspired to break out of the humdrum and long hours of a job, our responsibilities never really allowed us to take a risk and go all out. Entrepreneurship was our aspiration but it looked like a long drawn process, with no clear outcome – something we thought was too risky to undertake. Our startup dreams were limited to tea-time discussions and paper models, which never went beyond chit chats.

All that changed with the rising popularity of e-commerce. We started to follow media stories and researched. E-commerce was an upcoming trend and an industry that gave us hope and direction. Snapdeal inspired a lot of confidence in us. Their business model, approach and vision motivated us to give this a shot. The founders spoke substance and we felt a connection. We quickly selected a product category and registered our business on Snapdeal.

Snapdeal taught us how to build a business

The smooth seller registration was a great starting point. Once the registration process was complete, we signed into our account. From a software perspective, we knew exactly how the application worked but we had no idea how to do business using that application. We had numerous queries & doubts as to how to proceed with business. Here is when Snapdeal seller support came in. Their proactive and passionate interactions solidified our conviction that we could do this. They helped us in understanding the basics and nuances of building a successful online business. The support was phenomenal. They guided us on how the listing, cataloging, pricing, and marketing needs to be done. We gained a lot of confidence talking and working closely with them every day. They enabled us to carve out a strategy that would help us sell our products in the competitive market.

The Account managers work like valuable business partners guiding at every point of the business

One of the best learnings for us has been that Snapdeal has a very seller-centric portal. The approachability of the team is great. If ever we are stuck anywhere we know exactly whom to call and our query is resolved within minutes to max 2 hours. It is almost like a valuable employee who is sitting beside us and being a guide to build our business. We owe a big part of our success to them as they empowered us with the knowledge and understanding to build and grow our business to this level today.

Snapdeal connect to Tier 2 -3 cities have taken our products to the right TG

One of the most powerful things that we feel about Snapdeal is their reach to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Our products have been able to reach the right TG only because of this reach that only Snapdeal has given us. Today our products reach all local markets and especially the remote areas.

Regular and timely payments at Snapdeal have enabled us to build a strong business foundation

One of the other aspects that has been very important to us is the timely receipt of payments on the promised dates and at regular intervals. The payment figures are very clear which help us in filing the records and maintaining a check on our inventory. Regularity of payments is a pillar for any business to stand strong and Snapdeal has been ensuring that for us all the way along.


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