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My business has grown 5X in the last one year with Snapdeal

Bringing to you an inspiring story of a young entrepreneur who found his passion in the family business of jewellery. With a zeal to add value and richness to this traditionally run business, this Snapdeal seller from Hyderabad took the business online. He is an inspiration to many as he worked hard to balance the expectations of running a family business with the strong desire to building his identity in the new online space. 

Joining our 50 year old family business was compulsory for me!

My family has been into the jewellery business since 1950. After completing my studies in 1999, it was compulsory for me to join my family business. This was our family tradition and I had to abide by it.  I started from scratch and began to accompany my father to sit in the shop along with him.  It took me a while to learn the nuances of managing the business and the category as such. After spending about 8 years sitting in the shop, I felt that our business was quite limited to customers who visited our shop. With only 8-10 customers walking into the shop everyday, something big had to change. I wanted to take this Business to new heights.

A journey from 300 products to 27000 online and increasing!

As I started to explore e-commerce, in 2015 I registered my business on Snapdeal. I started with 300 products. This was a new phase of growth for my business as I learnt what it takes to build a success online business. The Snapdeal team worked closely to ensure a smooth listing experience. Today, I have more than 27000 products listed on Snapdeal. The seamless process allows us to keep updating our catalogue with new designs everyday.

Working with Snapdeal enables us to focus on quality as they take care of backend operations

We spend a lot of quality time in creating new designs, planning photoshoots and aesthetically build a great portfolio of products. On a daily basis, we are able to update the catalogue with 5-10 new SKU’s/products. It takes less than 12 hours to them online and it seems we are selling our products real time.  If I talk about the last 1 year, our business has grown 5X on Snapdeal.

The Snapdeal App is the most easy to use
The Snapdeal panel is very easy to use. The navigation works very smoothly and efficiently. This enables us to carry out our business operations without any hassle. The easy and transparent payment process has been one of the most important things for our business on Snapdeal.  The clarity and structure of the payments are clearly displayed on the panel which helps us to manage our finances well.

Snapdeal has empowered us to build a financially strong online business

On Snapdeal, focus is to manage our catalogue well and work with the team on planning campaigns that help increase our sales. Unlike other panels, we do not spend time juggling with systems, rather we optimise every minute in strengthening the business. The support that Snapdeal has extended has gone a long way to build a stable and strong business.

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