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At 24 years, Snapdeal is helping me live my dreams

Bringing to you the entrepreneurial journey of  a 24 year old seller from Jaipur. His determination to build something of his own and help his father scale the family business is inspiring. He was 19 when he joined his father and there has been no looking back. 
I was 19 when I joined our family business with my father.  Our Business revolved mostly around Home furnishing. Along with B. com I started to work with my father to get a hands on experience. As I learnt the business processes, I realised that the business was kind of slowing down. The dependancy on walk in customers was limiting our expansion.  E-commerce was a recent boom and I saw a huge opportunity there. Convincing my father on the subject was not easy but I decided to take this up myself and explore. I took a room on rent and with one computer started my entrepreneurial journey with Snapdeal. 

Flexibility in listing on Snapdeal has made doing business easy on Snapdeal
In 2015, I registered and listed my products on Snapdeal. The flexibility in the listing process gave me the confidence to move forward. It was simple and basic that anybody can understand in a few clicks. As the listing got approved, within 2-3 days I started to receive orders.  The start was slow and I got 2-4 orders. In the next 10 days , I started to receive 10-15 orders and in the next few days, we saw a boom and we started to receive 60-70 orders everyday. The rented place started to appear small suddenly as the business on Snapdeal picked up pace.  The growth was much beyond what I had expected when I started the business. Soon I shifted to share my father’s office space and there has been no looking back since then.
Snapdeal is a very user friendly platform
Today my business processes more than 400 orders only with Snapdeal. The Account managers have stood by me all through and guided me on every step, be it the ad campaigns, order processing, listing, assortment expansion, sales. Snapdeal is a very user friendly platform and the simplicity is what makes it comfortable to work on.
Snapdeal has given me a great platform to set up my business that I can truly call my own
I am only 24 yrs old right now and have been able to live some of my dreams already with Snapdeal. I have always wanted to be the reason of pride for my parents. Snapdeal has given me that foundation where I have been able to build an identity of my own, have a good lifestyle and ensure the same for my parents.  With Snapdeal, my products are shipped to small and big towns and cities across the country today.  Consumers relate with my brand today. I hope that someday with this continued support from Snapdeal, I will be a national brand soon. 

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